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The Moving Past Murder podcast is a place for trauma survivors to connect with a fellow survivor. Each week Collier Landry discusses the repercussions of his mother's murder while also looking at similar true crime stories, speaking to trauma survivors and talking about what it takes to move past it.

MOVING PAST MURDER: While most hosts of true crime podcasts simply discuss murders that fascinate them, host Collier Landry has actually lived through one.  


Collier was 11 when his father, Dr. John F. Boyle, Jr. brutally murdered his mother Noreen, and buried her in the basement. The loss of a loved one by murder is more common than you may think. Collier testified against his father in what would be the "trial of the century" in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio.  In 2020, more than 17,000 people were victims of murder in the United States according to That means thousands of American’s are suffering from grief, trauma, and survivor's guilt.


Every Friday, Collier Landry releases an episode covering unanswered questions behind murder, its motives, and moving on. His hope is that 'Moving Past Murder' serves as a kind of therapy and reconciliation for himself and listeners who are processing betrayal and trauma in their own lives.