COLLIER LANDRY's passionate and robust message of human resilience, hope, and personal triumph over adversity has inspired audiences across the globe. 


Collier is the creator and subject of Investigation Discovery's true-crime sensation A Murder in Mansfield, a documentary from two-time Oscar-winning director Barbara Kopple. A formally trained musician and photographer, he segued into filmmaking as a means to creatively express and deal with his own traumatic childhood story - the premeditated murder of his mother Noreen by his father, Dr. John F. Boyle, Jr. - and to give a narrative voice to others in similar circumstances. 


At the age of 12, Collier witnessed the murder and chose to go to the police. After his father's arrest, he was abandoned by both sides of his family over the heinous crime and orphaned into the foster-care system. His mother's son at heart, this determined and resolute child stood his ground and faced down his father as the prosecution's key witness during the month-long murder trial.


In the film, Collier returns to Ohio to retrace his past and confront his father, who, albeit 30 years later, still remains incarcerated and in denial of his guilt. The film explores the collateral damage of violence and its traumatic repercussions and the beauty of human strength and resilience through seemingly insurmountable odds.


When not behind the camera, Collier hosts the successful 'Moving Past Murder' podcast. A #1 best-selling author, Collier travels worldwide as a sought-after keynote speaker. Collier's work is featured in Variety, The New York Times, Esquire, USA Today, The Daily Mail.  Collier is a TEDx Speaker and a featured guest on the Dr. Phil show. 


Collier has a penchant for chihuahuas, motorcycles, and outdoor sports. He resides in Santa Monica, CA.