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Lies Caught on Tape: Uncovered Radio Interview with My Convicted Murderer Father

Back in the 1990s, after Collier’s father was in prison for murdering his mother, he was interviewed live on a radio program called What’s Right What’s Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Speaking from prison, Collier’s father professed his innocence, while discussing the conspiracies and crooked law enforcement he claims were out to frame him. For the very first time, Collier listens to his dad’s interview as he records this episode. Hear his responses and outrage to the lies his father peddles as he tries to clear his name by smearing Collier’s dead mother.

Episode Highlights:

  • A listener writes Collier about her own trauma and struggles with an abusive relationship she fought to escape from.

  • Hear what Collier’s father has to say about Collier, just a few years after he took to the witness stand to help convict his father in his mother’s murder.

  • Smuggling children, gold, and drugs on the black market?

  • The wild explanations Collier’s father gave for his wife’s disappearance and death.

  • Link to Episode 33: My Dad Tries To Convince Me My Mother's Caused Her Own Murder | Letter From Prison

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Full Transcript:

Pastor Ernie Sanders 00:02

Let me ask you this did How long were you in Noreen married?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 00:05

almost 20 years.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 00:07

20 years? Any children?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 00:08

Yes. So one one natural child. Collier. He's 16 right now.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 00:16

How does he feel about all this? I mean, this fall, he's

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 00:19

very destroyed. He was manipulated by David Messmore of the Mansfield police department and a few other people.

Collier Landry 00:26

So let's just get a couple of things straight. I did have a relationship with Dave Messmore and his wife, wonderful people. And they were probably the reason the biggest reason at that time in my life that I didn't want to end my life or that I at least made it through. The only person that's manipulating Collier is my father.

Intro Stinger 00:54

He continued today in the most notorious criminal trial in Richland County history. Dr. John Boyle is accused of killing his wife marine and burying her body in the basement of his new home in Erie, Pennsylvania. The 12 year old son finally took the stand is I heard a scream I heard, but just about this Wow, we had the jury find the defendant guilty.

Collier Landry 01:13

When I was 12 years old. My Testimony sent my father to prison for murdering my mother. This podcast serves as a type of therapy and reconciliation for myself. And it is my hope that helps anyone who has experienced deception, betrayal and dark trauma. I'm call your Landry and this is moving past murder. Hey, movers what's going on? Welcome back to another episode of Moving Past Murder. I'm your host Collier, Landry. And man Do I have an episode for you guys? Today, whoa. I have reached back into the archives on this one for all of you. And I'm really excited to talk about it. But first, and actually for those of you that subscribe to my Patreon, you're already kind of privy to this episode because I did a post on this a few days ago sharing the material that I'm sharing with you guys today. So just know that you get first hand access when you subscribe to my Patreon which is forward slash Collier, Landry. All the money goes here to support this podcast, which currently is ad free, but not for long. But your support is what makes this program possible and allows me to create the content for you guys that you know that I feel best suits you guys, my audience and I know from the responses that I get on social media and now I'm on Tik Tok, check it out that you guys are really enjoying what I'm doing. So your support is appreciated if you can. And if you can't, at least subscribe to the podcast downloading telling your friends about it wherever you get your podcasts. That helps a lot. It really does. Because yeah, I love doing this for you guys. So there's my little sales pitch. Anyways, today's episode is super cool. And I don't know if it's super cool or not, we're gonna find out because it's all going to be live as live tape, if you will. But, and speaking of tape, yes, yes, there is a tape. Okay, so first of all, let's get to viewer questions. My DM of the week. So today's DM on Instagram, and it's a very long message. But I'm going to sort of just read through the highlights here. Good evening, I just wanted you to know that I've spent most of the day listening to almost all your videos on YouTube to go through such a traumatic event and be empowered to speak about it. It's something I aspire to do one day, when I was 17. I was in an abusive relationship with a man much older than me being 17 I was naive and had severe attachment issues with my father who abandoned me. So having someone showered me with affection was the best thing in the world for me. Little did I know that this man was a sociopath. He was so charismatic, knew all the right things to say very manipulative. He ended up isolating me from my friends and family convinced me to drop out of high school even though I was a straight A student, and I lived a nightmare...thank you for sharing your story with the world. You know, it's I would really like to say that stories are a rarity in my DM boxes, and my messages. But that's not the case. It's really heartbreaking to hear that someone you know, at such a young age gets sort of duped by the charisma. And the narcissists, and the sociopaths just come in and just take over their life. And it's really about control. And I was actually speaking to someone about this earlier tonight. They they were they had been in a string of abusive relationships, and they were in one for seven years. And they were just like, well, they Yeah, they just control you, and then you can't get out. And that's the thing, I think that when you're wrapped up in someone's world is someone else's, has actually wrapped, it's better someone else has actually wrapped themselves up in your world, and taking complete control of your life. It's really hard to get rid of them, because they do make you feel like you are you have no power to leave them and you're nothing without them. And to do this to a child when she's 17 when she was in high school and dropped out. I mean, I'm very happy that she has a happy ending to this with kids. And I'm sorry that she's still struggling through the trauma because it doesn't you know it. It's tough, man, it's tough. Gotta feel for her. So thank you for sharing that with me. And we are all pulling for you. But thank you. Anyways, speaking of coercive control, and manipulation. So in my hands right here is a tape that I found in the bin of my father's letters. And this tape is dated December 29 1994, almost five years to the day of my mother's murder. And what makes this particular tape interesting, which I have not listened to, by the way, we are going to listen to it together. No, I have recorded it and put it like I said on the Patreon but I didn't listen to it. I literally just record it and, you know, cut it down and whatever. I didn't hear much of anything of what my father said, because I wanted to do it for you guys on the actual podcast. So my father was interviewed on a radio show that's called What's right, what's left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Pastor Sanders actually still has the same radio program, then this is what so this is 1994. So 2820 This is 28 years later, right? Was my math correct? There? Yeah, 28 years later, he still has the program he is now I think it's now like apart podcast, and it's on the internet. And he's on broadcasts on radio stations across the United States and probably across the world. Ironically, my producer, who I told about this tape reached out to him. And so there is actually a part two to this particular episode, which is going to come out next week, where I discuss not what's on the tape because I hadn't listened to it. But I discuss some of the things that were brought up it. It'll make sense at the end of this, but it's very interesting hearing this and the what makes this interesting is a few weeks ago, I did an episode with my father's letters where he was gaslighting. And I alluded to like this Chinese gold smuggling and things. But he was this letter was written in, I think, the end of November 1994. And he said something that was really poignant. And he said, You know, there's going to be a lot of things that come out about mommy. Yes, my father refers to in letters, my mother as mommy. It's weird. I know, you guys have all commented on it, but it's the truth. Because I'm reading them as he writes them. But he says, you know, you're gonna hear these things about mommy, that might be upsetting to you. But just know your mother was a good woman and all this stuff, because he's gaslighting me and he's manipulating me. Well, obviously, he was alluding to this particular interview that we're going to listen to, because I know that this is full of some crazy talk from my father, I'm pretty sure. And I don't like using that word crazy. I don't use that to describe anyone else. But like my father. To give a little more context to this. So at this time, my father was trying to get an appeal for his conviction for murdering my mother. And he was coming up with a bunch of stories and and we're going to hear what he he says. So yep, let's get to it, shall we? So what we're gonna do right now is I'm going to, we're going to listen to this together and I'll stop and I'll probably offer some commentary, or maybe I'll offer some anger or whatever, but it'll be this will be really interesting and fun, guys. Trust me, so in with the earbuds we go whoo hoo

Opening to 1994 Show: 10:09

this is interesting Good afternoon once again and welcome to What's right what's left with your host radio pastor Ernie Sanders. They show comes to you live from the studios of WCC D am 1000. The guest for the second hour will be Dr. Jack Boyle a prisoner. And now to tell you more. Here's your host radio pastor Bernie Sanders

Pastor Ernie Sanders 10:37

prisoner. Okay, we're back. We're expecting a call from Dr. Jack Boyle. Now what Dr. Boyle has to say is that Dr. Boyle, okay. Is going to be his

Collier Landry 10:53

what's interesting is he says Doctor boy, you but my father's a doctor anymore. Because we don't know when he gets shipped to your medical license when he could go to prison for murder. Fun fact.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 11:05

Dr. Boyle, are you there? Yes. Say hi to all yes, this is I'm doing all right. How are you doing good struggling, but

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 11:12

we're keeping our head above water.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 11:14

Well say hi to all of Cleveland. Struggling but we're keeping Dr. Boyle. You are right now calling from a prison in Lebanon, Ohio. Is that correct? Correct. Yeah. And you're spending what? Look, you tell the folks who you are and and tell him your story. This is your opportunity to get your side of story. Yeah.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 11:36

Well, I'm Dr. Jack Boyle of Mansfield, Ohio. And in June of 1990, I was convicted of the murder of my wife Noreen. We have been fighting that conviction which we feel to be the result of an unfair trial and no evidence to support that conviction. Since that day,

Collier Landry 12:01

no evidence to support that conviction.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 12:07

body was found or allegedly her body was found under my basement in new home in Erie, Pennsylvania on January 25. of 90, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. And the entire case itself are extremely fragmented, cold brew cough and we have been attacking doesn't make us a court system. The actual trial and possibly some, some of your readers or listeners may have heard. One December 24. Attorney Tom Adgate of Akron, Ohio and his associates who have taken on my case, made an announcement that they have obtained permission to begin the excavation process and get a proper identity on the body and to actually complete an autopsy, which we were denied prior to trial.

Collier Landry 13:09

Okay, so I'm gonna stop this just for a moment to give you guys the audience a little bit of context. So this attorney that he's talking about, and I had referenced this guy before, in the blood or with it in the episode with the letter, which is like from a few weeks ago, I believe it is Episode 34, Moon password, or 35, or 3033. So like that. It's in the 30s. Which I am to just kidding. So in that letter, I realized that so what had happened is is around this time, so I was 1984. So I'm 16 years old now. So I'm a junior in high school, right? So it makes sense, Junior? Yeah, I'm a junior in high school. And my father, there was a bunch of people that had come forward, which this is all tied together, obviously. And this is tied to next week's episode as well. So there's a bunch of people that come forward and said that my mother's body was not my mother's and they wanted to there was a big article in the Akron Beacon journal written by a journalist named Ted joy. There was a book written by a gentleman named Martin yant called rotten to the core, which was talking about corruption in Mansfield, Ohio, and the police department and all this stuff and now I cannot speak to any of that because I don't know like, what what? What or whatnot, went on in the Mansfield police department all I can say is that my experience with the Mansfield police department and Lieutenant David mass more was top notch solid like we're gonna you know, outside of treating my mother's case like a missing persons case, but once they mess more, listen to me on whatever it was the first first of January 1990 And like that my mother was dead. Like from then on it was it was game On so I have nothing but respect and admiration for the police department in Mansfield, Ohio, just want to get that out of the way. So and also, like what my father is probably going to say is really crazy. I have a feeling, it's gonna be pretty nutty. Those are his opinions. That's it. And it's the opinions of, of a person for man who was convicted for murdering my mother that I witnessed grabbing for straws. So that's kind of what we're witnessing here. So he's grabbing for straws. And but anyways, so to tie this in, I had because of these questions that came up, it was a question about my mother's body weight, her eye color being brown is in a blue like mine, and I got my, I got my mother's eyes. So they were very blue. And my, there was this question of like, what was it really my mother's body, and in my sort of quest to kind of have my peace with the situation and everything. And I thought, Okay, I will authorize the exhumation of my mother's body, and give a DNA test to see if it is and ultimately, my aunt, my mother's sister, Carol, she also gave a DNA test as well. So so that is how they they figured out there was my mother's body, right? So to give the benefit of the doubt, as a child who was healing and who I guess, you know, honestly, at the time, maybe there was still part of this little small part of me that was hoping that mother, that wasn't my mother's body, then maybe my mother was going to come back. And you know, reappear, like, you know, like nothing ever happened. I mean, I think that there's, I think, ultimately, when you're a child that goes through a trauma like that, and your mother is taken away from you so abruptly, and so horrifically, I do think that you think you most certainly probably try to, oh, man, you just tried to really, you never really let go of hope that maybe, maybe it's wrong. Like maybe she really is going to come back and see me and I and to be honest with you guys, like and this is just me being real here. I did have a lot of those feelings growing up, like maybe this would still happen. And I would say that probably even like, when I moved to LA, I was like, maybe I'll see her on the streets. And I know that that was not going to happen. But there's a small part of you inside that really hopes that maybe this shit isn't true, and that maybe it's all been a nightmare. And you'll wake up one day, and everything will be right as rain. Of course, that's stuff that dreams are made of. But anyways, let's continue

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 17:37

determine the cause of death.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 17:40

All right now they claimed, what did they claim was the cause of death,

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 17:45

the cause of death that was claimed by the state of Ohio was that suffocation by means of a plastic bag and placed over the head and blood to trauma to the head.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 17:56

Now, there's a couple of things that I little concerned about or have some questions about, first of all, when they set bail on you what was the bail they set?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 18:06

The bail was actually set at $5 million cash now

Pastor Ernie Sanders 18:10

that is, I mean, this is that's just not usual. What's

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 18:15

that's that's absolutely outrageous. I'm not quite certain of the details, but I believe that we're jaegers bail may have been maybe two or 3 million. And I think Leona helpfully was about two or $3 million. Yet in Richland County, my bail was set at 5 million cash. Do you have

Pastor Ernie Sanders 18:33

any ideas on why that was the case? I mean, obviously they didn't want you

Collier Landry 18:39

really are we talking about? We're talking about bail so hard. We're talking about money.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 18:44

The choice here was based on several considerations. Retrospectively the Richland County the city of Mansfield itself had been under significant amount of scrutiny by the FBI for several female deaths that had I think it was six or eight murders that had not been solved over the prior six or eight years. And that was well documented in a report called the Green Hill report, the Green Hill report, retired FBI agent, green New Deal, and that came out in about August of 89. And I think that the Mansfield police department was facing some pressure for not solving any of these crimes. And when the disappearance of Noreen Boyle arose, we were in the middle of a divorce, which was favorable to me. The

Collier Landry 19:39

the opportunity one thing my father was breaking, my mother tried to make a

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 19:45

trial and I think it was just symptomatic of the show trial concept that they tried to establish. Alright, there's been a lot

Pastor Ernie Sanders 19:55

about a lot of these murders and possibly the Mansfield at the police department being involved are tied in some way to some of these murders. Have you heard any of that talk?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 20:08

Well, that's correct. There has been much rumor and speculation that certain police officers were involved with the death or disappearance or association of many of these women that subsequently found murdered. In fact, in my own case, there is a strong rumor between retired Police Captain David mess for the Mansfield police department and his relationship with Noreen.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 20:37

Well, I mean, I mean, it's common knowledge and man's,

Collier Landry 20:41

I'm gonna tell you something. 100%. And I remember the year is I remember when all these rumors were coming out the notion that my mother knew, let alone had a relationship with Dave mess more is utterly fanciful. It's, that's a very polite way of saying it's complete bullshit. This is again, a person who's grabbing for straws, looking for ways to blame other people for his his actions, which as we know, now, was the case after seeing you know, making a murderer in Mansfield and my father's a bit it doesn't matter. It's this is what we are listening to is a man trying to grab for straws and try to manipulate not only the pastor and his audience, but you know, he has been he was trying to manipulate me and everyone around him. It's interesting.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 21:42

Let me know if you talk to people down there. They have got the reputation that the Chicago cops had back in the 40s. But

Collier Landry 21:51

Chicago cops have reputations why Chicago cop that's in

Pastor Ernie Sanders 21:56

Chicago cops head.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 21:58

Oh, yes, yes. Well, I think

Collier Landry 22:01

I think that was the 40 that was the 30. Well known bootlegging.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 22:07

More recently been brought out by the book, I think just published by Marty yet called rotten to the core

Pastor Ernie Sanders 22:13

to the core horn to probably be doing a program on that. You hang tight. We'll be right back.

Collier Landry 22:18

Oh, okay. Hang tight. Oh. We're gonna add kind of It's like 80s.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 22:25

Sunglasses. Afternoon. W CCD traffic. Once you buy Southwest Airlines.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 22:32

Now off the freeway really onto the freeway. I wish I had what I could have cut off. Okay, we're back to pasture any standards. We have Dr. Jack Boyle with us and He is calling from Lebanon, Ohio from WCI warrant Correctional Institute and Dr. Boyle I visited by talking about several times the allegations of the corruptions in Nashville Police Department. There's some things that you know, I've been looking at your location, there's a couple of things that jumped right out at me. And I'm saying that because we have a very large prison ministry. And I spend a lot of time with prison inmates all the state now, all you know you are charged with first degree murder, is that correct? That's correct. And you were convicted on first degree murder. Is that correct? That's correct. Is that means that this was was not premeditated? Oh, a crime of passion. But you were convicted of premeditated murder and everyone I know that has been convicted of that is done on death row. Why aren't you on death row? Why are you doing live?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 23:39

I can't give you an actual answer on that pasture. All I know is when the trial concluded. The presiding Judge James Hansen.

Collier Landry 23:47

The reason why my father wasn't given the death penalty is because of me. For the record, because, yeah, he had a cat. And he had my sister who was just born 12 days before he was arrested. So yeah, they didn't give him the death penalty. For that reason. Just Sam

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 24:08

Simpson sentenced me to 20 the life in prison with role eligibility somewhere around the year 2010. There was never any question of any death penalty brought forward at all. So I really don't know the particulars of his decision, but I think it's symptomatic of the rest of the entire legal proceeding in Mansfield. And that's to sum it up in one word suspect is the best word.

Collier Landry 24:37

Okay. The thing is, I spoke to your judge before it

Pastor Ernie Sanders 24:40

almost sounds like these people are saying, Look, we're gonna put this guy away. He's gonna stay away. What they were hesitant to give you the death sentence. It's almost like like they were saying, I don't want his blood on my hands. You know, we really don't believe he's guilty of first degree murder, but we've got to keep him out of the way. Did you get that feeling?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 25:02

Yeah, so absolutely. I think there's many and many indications that the prosecution made conscious decisions to conceal not only evidence, but the truth from the public. And we're looking at several things. For example, just about seven weeks ago, we discovered that the plastic bag that was over the head of the decedent to the body, had a partial fingerprint on it. That fingerprint was discovered by the FBI and it was found not to be Dr. Boyles fingerprint, and not to be anything in the FBI files. Prosecutor, Mayor, the Mansfield police department, were fully aware of I ever prior to my trial, but this evidence was never presented at trial.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 25:47

All right, you know, when you when you speak of the body or when you see Dr. bloggers do speaking of your

Collier Landry 25:53

profile, or the FBI to get involved, even though it did cross state lines, that was always that I have

Pastor Ernie Sanders 25:59

no arranged for your ex wife. Yes. What was it really norwayne?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 26:04

Well, we don't really know that. The beacon Journal did an extensive, I think, eight to 10 month investigation and discovered the many abnormalities, lack of evidentiary support. Certainly a numerous amount of acoustic questions regarding the identity of the body, ranging from body height, body weight, eye color, missing organs, etc. And again, the only identification of the body was made by Mansfield police, Lieutenant at that time, David mesomorph. No family members identify the body. No.

Collier Landry 26:47

I'm pretty sure that my mother sister, I did my mom. I'm pretty sure because I remember her coming in. And I think that she did get out look at the body. But just for the record, my mother was identified not by Lieutenant David mess, where I mean, maybe he was like, that looks like Dorian Boyle to me, which as those of you that have seen the film The murder in Mansfield, there is me looking at the case file for the first time and seeing photographs of my mother's dead body. Which was a challenging moment for me to put it lightly. But my mother was identified by her dental records, and it was actually my the dentist. That was my dentist and her dentist and the earth I believe also the orthodontist that that verify these records these dental records for my mother. So that's how she was identified, not by Lieutenant mesomorph going, oh, yeah, I know her because we were having an affair, or whatever my father is alluding to, which is just crazy.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 27:55

prints were taken from the body. The dental examination was a partial dental dental examination. No blood samples were taken from the body to corroborate anything in that area. And all of that was orchestrated by Ms. More unfortunately,

Pastor Ernie Sanders 28:12

I'm going to ask you a question. And Dr. Boyle, you don't have to answer this question. You want to just if you wouldn't if you would say I would rather not answer that I would understand why because it will be a personal question there is there have been allegations made that a police officer on the mass field police department was having an affair with your ex wife Noreen during at the time when when the so called murder took place is that correct? You don't have to answer it if you don't want to That is correct. And was this the the police officer also that was assigned to investigate this murder?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 29:00

How originates from that is correct.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 29:04

There's there's just a lot of strange things taking place here. I mean, this is what is whole thing.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 29:15

Stinks. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 29:17

No, yes. That leaves a couple quite a whole

Collier Landry 29:19

thing does stink. And yes, it does leave a couple of questions, but not in the way that you guys are talking about it. Wow. Wow. Let's keep listening.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 29:35

That body is not nerine, and I hope you know I just pray if it was Noreen that she went home to be with the Lord. If it's not her, that my question is Who is it? And the next question would be Where's Noreen?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 29:52

That's a very good question. The beacon journal turned up some people who thought they saw Noreen anywhere from Toledo to Columbus, Ohio. to California don't really know where Noreen is because no one's tracked her down. Yeah,

Collier Landry 30:06

Mama definitely wasn't just gonna part

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 30:08

of it is conceivable that it could the body could very well be Noreen. But there's been such a hotspots of mistake in the autopsy, that we have to seriously question obviously the cause of death and the actual positive identification of the body. And the we've already had a preliminary review of the autopsy video, and the autopsy report by Dr. Cox in the summit, county coroner. And he differs on the cause of death from that which was presented by the state of Ohio. Now you must recall, we filed a proper motion to have that body to have an autopsy and a forensic examination on that body by our own medical experts. And we were denied that by the trial court. And this is absolutely unheard of in our society where the rules of law and the rules of evidence, in particular in Ohio, permit you to review the evidence. In fact, when we filed a motion in court, the prosecutor came back and said, well, the body was no longer in the custody possession and control the state of Ohio was buried in Maryland. And our request to examine that body was filed within six days after my arrest.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 31:25

Seems like that there was a real hurry to get that body and that's not normal. body's way that that is not normal procedure.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 31:34

Oh, no, no, absolutely not normal. In fact, ironically, or, or however you want to look at it. When the announcement was made by Tom Adgate that we're assuming the body, the Richland County prosecutor James Mayer came back on the front page of the Mansfield News Journal yesterday, and said that he is going to oppose any excavation.

Collier Landry 31:57

So here's a couple of things that are super duper interesting and very easy to gloss over. If you don't know the facts. So you The difficult thing here is my mother's body was buried in wet concrete. She was dead for 25 days. So if you think about that, if you think about the fact that that guy, this is just really sorry, this is really hitting me when I think about so the the body was like decomposing already. So to put to bury my mother's body quickly after doing an autopsy, which most likely didn't yield a lot of results. I mean, this you think that that so this is 2022 that we're in? This is 32 years ago, forensics were not what they are now, right? It's it's interesting to hear them to the talk about this. I don't, I don't think anyone with a rational brain goes okay, a body that's been decomposing for 25 days is going to yield. Let's just put it through more autopsies. And I don't know doesn't make a lot of sense to me. That that they felt they could get another autopsy. Who knows?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 33:48

There's a man who has no legal standing in the case we have probable cause number one, we have the permission to the next of kin to exhume the body. And this man now does not want this body exhumed.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 34:00

We're gonna have to break right here for a break. We'll be right back. This is getting more and more interesting, folks. No Id found.

Opening to 1994 Show: 34:11

And now back with more of what's right, what's left, here's radio pastor Ernie Sanders.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 34:15

Okay, we're back. And we have Dr. Jack Boyle. And folks, we're giving Dr. Jack Boyle his opportunity to come and tell his story. And the reason we do that is because I don't know what what Dr. Boyle is going to tell you. I'm asking him some questions. I have some information on his case. But the bottom line is everyone should have an opportunity to tell their story in today's society is getting harder to do that. Our judicial system is becoming more and more corrupt. And, and you know, I want to praise God that we still have some honest judges, we still have some honest attorneys, but you know, we have to look at it and face the facts. That is what's happening out there and We're here to warn you to let you know because we need to make some changes. And I am a person whose I believe, look, if you do the crime, you got it, you should receive the punishment. Yeah, to show crime, you need to receive the punishment. Absolutely. I'm at the time, I am very, very 100% in favor of justice. But injustice means also that you should have a fair trial. And that's the proper father's trial. 10 years ago, 15 years ago,

Collier Landry 35:36

my father's trial was three and a half weeks. That's a long time. Now, it might have even been longer. Unbelievable.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 35:49

To go back 15 years ago, if you would have told me that this type of thing was taking place, I wouldn't have believed you. But after sitting in courtroom after courtroom after courtroom, and hearing the things that I'm hearing from prosecuting attorneys, the guys, I always thought were the good guys. I thought these guys, they were telling the truth. Okay. And the judges were the good guys, and they were gonna tell you the truth. And the, you know, the people on trial were normally the bad guys. And that's the way it worked with folks. I got to the point where I had a hard time distinguishing between the players, you know, who was the biggest crook and I hate to say it, but that's happening more and more often. Do you find that to be the case? Dr. Boyle?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 36:34

Yes, I do. I had the same attitude prior to my own trial because I thought things were a truth justice in the American way. But it's not that way in the courtrooms as I experienced in Richland County. In fact, I would dare say that the search for truth is not in the highest tradition of the prosecuting Attorney's Office in Richland County,

Pastor Ernie Sanders 36:56

winning the means winning is the bottom line, by all means win in any means.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 37:01

Yes, absolutely. I think there's a complete abdication of the responsibilities to the Constitution, as manifested by Richland County, there's no doubt in my mind, we're talking about critical evidence that was denied the jury is reviewed, there's no way the jury could have made any type of quote unquote rational decision to convict when they never heard the evidence of a different cause of death, perhaps a different type of death, a fact there was no time of death ever given all the mistakes that were made in the case, it's just an inclusion of additional materials that are relevant to the determination of the merits that were never even brought out at trial. So it's very easy to say that the legal conclusions that were reached in the prior procedure are plainly erroneous in legal terms, the trial was all fouled up. And that's a generous term right there.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 37:56

Absolutely. And I've seen this in case after case after case, one, my own experience at one time I went to, to get a bottle of a pop downstairs

Collier Landry 38:08

Bottle Pop, because we're already Ohio in the Midwest,

Pastor Ernie Sanders 38:11

machine, the process and I was a witness. In the case for the for the defense. And the prosecuting attorney actually came to me and asked me if I couldn't, if I couldn't lie, than to at least not say anything when I was on the stand. And this was the very same guy that sat next to me at a men's prayer breakfast. While I tell you I felt like taking that man out, and just whipping the dickens out of him right outside. But you know, it's unbelievable. Could these things take place these things? You know, you could have had an opportunity to give your, your side of the story. I mean, you should have a fair opportunity. So what's gonna happen now this, are you going to be able to get the Marines body exhumed?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 38:59

While we're getting the body exhumed? We don't see any difficulty with that, even though attorney Mayer has made a grandstand approach to the public and Manfield that he's not going to permit such an excavation. What are they afraid of? What is it they're afraid? That's the first question that came into my mind when I heard that? I think any logical, rational human being would say, What is he trying to hide? And it's quite obvious Mary's covering up something or when something covered up

Pastor Ernie Sanders 39:25

do you think that was complete bullshit Marines? Is there any way you want people to know

Collier Landry 39:32

we don't want the family? We don't want the community to go through this bullshit again. I mean, I would think that's a pretty valid reason to not go through all of this. I don't think it's a cover like what are you going to find? It's just this is see this is as as, as they're trying to say, well, this is the fucked up side of the justice system as far as the oh people not getting justice. No, this is the fucked up side of the justice system. This is why the Americans narcissism system love it or hate it is, you know, it's completely flawed. And there's a lot of, you know, malfeasance that goes along with it. But it is still the best justice system in the world. And this is why because here's a guy who clearly killed his wife, his son witnessed it, you know, and testified in court for two and a half days against his father and then goes, is he this has been in prison for almost five years or four years with my father being in custody for five years at this point. And, you know, he's still allowed to make these accusations and still allowed to go through with an appellate process and still allowed to, to request the exhumation and get the excavation of the body to get a DNA test to see if it's, if it yields anything. I mean, not a lot of people get that opportunity. Especially don't get it. I mean, it's it's so as much as this, you know, the radio host here, and this is a, you know, this is not his fault anyways, but, you know, as they want to say, oh, there's there's issues with the justice system. It's also there is an issue with lay people abusing the system, like my father, who I, as we all have seen in the film, admits to murdering my mother to well, admits to pushing her and getting into a via his own story of that, but whatever. This is a man grabbing for straws trying to get out prison

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 41:27

could very well be. I mean, I think this whole thing with a certain willingness on the part of the prosecutor, to subordinate the law to perhaps his own political interest. I mean, he comes from a family tradition of corruption, his father was removed from the trial courts in Mansfield by the Ohio Supreme Court several years ago. And he appears to be carrying on the same family tradition at one level.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 41:58

Well, alright, let's let's just take it if they exhume the body and you believe that's going to happen, right? Yes. And it's not. Maureen, I guess, what's gonna determine, Maureen, is there an endpoint will will be determined by who the body is. Is that correct? Yes. Well,

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 42:18

I think in very simplistic legal terms, if the body is determined not to be Noreen, then I will be released from the penitentiary because I'm charged with murdering Doreen. And if the body doesn't match up, well, then bingo, that's the evidentiary support does not hold up.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 42:37

Well, wait a minute, but you still have a body in the body was still supposedly found in the house that you owned in Pennsylvania? Correct, correct. Yes. Well, I mean, aren't you going to be charged in that case with the murder then of whoever that is?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 42:53

Well, I really don't know what's in the prosecutors mind. The interesting feature on that body, by the way, is that it was found on January 25, under fresh, wet concrete, and fresh wet concrete was failed on the wall of the basement when I was charged with varying that body and cementing that grave site. December 31, are the first three or four days of January. So it's very peculiar that the concrete would be that fresh almost 30 days later. But I have no idea what the prosecutor will do. In terms of

Collier Landry 43:34

money, they're not Noreen, well buried

Pastor Ernie Sanders 43:36

away. And from what I understand from what I read in the paper, they're basing this on the fact that they traced a jackhammer that was rented by you. Is that correct? That's correct.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 43:47

However, the jackhammer was never proven to be used. There was no evidence presented at trial that showed number one that the jackhammer was used, or that the concrete that was dug up the concrete samples that they had, were dug up by a jackhammer, everything was based on assumption and presumption.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 44:05

Well, I mean, why would you rent a jackhammer if

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 44:08

you weren't going to use it? Oh, well, the jackhammer was used. It was rented in conjunction with Mark Davis, a friend of mine in Mansfield, who was going to use it on his property in new office, and I was going to use it to get some bricks dug up in the back of my Hawthorne Lane home.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 44:25

Okay, so then, in fact, you didn't.

Collier Landry 44:27

I think that originally in the trial, my father said that he had gotten the jackhammer because he was going to do some plumbing work in the house, in our home in Mansfield, Ohio, that's in the basement. Not bricks in the backyard. I don't even know what he's talking about bricks in the back. I played in that backyard for five years. Really remember a whole lot of bricks going on in the backyard. We had this like little pine tree area that was right by the garage, so I don't know maybe I don't know. A lot of looniest going on in this particular taped conversation. Oh, no, that was never

Pastor Ernie Sanders 45:07

used at all. Oh, okay. Well Hang tight. We're up against Metro traffic. We'll be back and find out why the hammer wasn't used. Oh,

Collier Landry 45:16

we're up against the Metro traffic.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 45:20

They're looking pretty good on the highways this afternoon. It's off the highways where we have some trouble. This W CCD traffic Update is brought to you by manpower temporary services.


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Get your tickets now at the Gunnedah arena box office and all Ticketmaster locations.

Collier Landry 45:52

The gundula in a box office


driving the truth home. Here's radio pester Ernie Sanders with more what's right what's left?

Pastor Ernie Sanders 45:59

Okay, we're back. I'm ready to pastor any Sanders. Folks. We have Dr. Jack Boyle. Now, Dr. Boyle, you have you're professing to be a born again, Christian if you died right now, you know, you'd go home to be with the Lord. Is that correct? That's correct. Yes, pastor, and

Collier Landry 46:16

that lets Christian, go home to the Lord back

Pastor Ernie Sanders 46:19

a little bit with his with his jackhammer. It was never written. Why was it ever used?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 46:25

Well, the jackhammer was never used, because Mark Davis got sick. And that basically undermined the usage of the jackhammer. And about the same time on December 31, is when or when marine took off. So that just prevented any use of using the jackhammer, in fact, that was returned to the store on youth.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 46:53

Well, you know, when, when this news ropers, and we saw this and all the news, ABC, NBC, CBS had the picture of this jackhammer, and they had where it was rented from. And I mean, here it was, those those news spots, convicted you right there. I mean, you were convicted on the air before the trial even begin, weren't you? Oh, sure. There's

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 47:15

no doubt on that. I think, again, it's just that an unfortunate tragedy that myself, my family and friends should should be utilized as perhaps the political gender, political agenda of marriage. It's an unfortunate situation, but I believe with faith in God and faith and family and friends and my attorneys and believe it or not facing the legal system, this will be turned around, I expect to complete vindication.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 47:46

Let me ask you this. And again, I know that this this is a man

Collier Landry 47:50

who murdered his wife. And, you know, I know you have probably expects a

Pastor Ernie Sanders 47:55

vindication understandable. Do you think that that you were double crossed by Noreen and the police officer that's investigating this case?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 48:07

Well, I suspect there was something going on because Noreen was losing the divorce. In effect, she lost the divorce, she was given limited alimony for only a period of six months. And a domestic relations judge told her to get a job. And that's what it boiled down to.

Collier Landry 48:23

And I remember that I remember my mother being very upset would not

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 48:26

be obtaining any of the Lord. I remember

Collier Landry 48:31

that my mother was upset by that. Also, this is what happens when your husband has all the money after you put him through medical school and you're doing all his books and taking care of his his money, his finances and then he turns around and because he's a sociopath and a narcissist and decides to squeeze you out. So yeah, he was fucking my mother over in the divorce, big time. Snot. First time this this tale has ever been heard

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 49:07

sums of money that she had anticipated.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 49:09

Now how could she benefit though but if I was

Collier Landry 49:13

my mother benefit by getting herself

Pastor Ernie Sanders 49:17

pulling a hoax by you know, originally, you know with this dead body I mean, you know, I don't know that they have a body they want to get rid of it and decide to to kill two birds with one stone get rid of this person and blame it on you or what?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 49:32

Well, even possible that it's not a hoax, we must consider that. It's possible that that body is Noreen and the fact that something went wrong in whatever business or relationship she was in. We know that she was into dealing with attempting to bring foreign children in the United States and sell them to childless couples. And it's quite possible that any extrapolation from that could have In dealing with drugs or other materials

Pastor Ernie Sanders 50:03

well that is that is wrong. That is a big black market business and then that's a slavery type of ring. Yeah. Wow with ways with with taking kidnapped American children and they ended up being being sold into slavery there too. A lot of your Arab sheiks oil sheets and wealthy people, foreign countries. You don't think she was involved in that too, do you?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 50:31

Well, we didn't we didn't know so much about that we knew about the baby that she was getting from Taiwan. And selling those on the black market. My sister, we suspect was also involved possibly with smuggling of gold. And there's a real possibility that narcotics could have been involved. I think in New Orleans quest for money, she would have tried anything. And so none of that surprises me. Well,

Collier Landry 51:01

in nor rains quest for money, she would have tried everything. My mother was not into drugs. My mother was not selling babies and children and gold. And but I think my mother would have done anything in her quest for money to take care of her children. I don't think she would have resorted to criminal activity. But my mother would have most certainly said to my father, you need to pay for your these children and you need to take care of your son. And, and my father, you know, I think I remember very specifically my father saying to my mother that you know, that she can go get a job at McDonald's. And that in that he doesn't care about go to college, and he's not going to pay a dime of it. And this, that and the other because he was starting a new life with his girlfriend, Sherri Campbell. And she was pregnant with his daughter, my half sister, and then she had two kids of her own. So you know, there was that. And he was starting a new life. And then he was going to screw over his current wife and his children be his son of 11 years at that time. Because he wanted to lead a new life with his girlfriend in a new house in Erie, Pennsylvania. That's pretty much what happened.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 52:33

Well, where do we go from here?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 52:34

Well, we're waiting for the excavation. And we know that if the body is not Noreen, that'll take us down one avenue. And if the autopsy confirms the sentiments of Dr. Dr. Cox that the cause of death was not as a state of Ohio. Rendered, we've got new scientific evidence that will warrant a retrial on the case. And I can assure you with the dedicated responsibility of Tom bad gate and his crew and Akron, Larry Smith and Andy kinder, and Mike Minster, that and the rest of the office staff there that the retrial will not go it'd be the same sham and circus that the first trial was.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 53:18

Alright, you now have your own attorneys. A lot of times people don't realize that a lot of times. The judges do not allow you to have your own attorneys. Did you have your own attorneys in the first trial? Yes.

Collier Landry 53:33

Wait, hold on. A lot of times, the judges don't let you have your own attorneys. That's a new one on me on the American justice system. Always you have I think that's in the Constitution of the United States. Believe it's amendment six right to a speedy and swift trial, the jury of your peers right at right to obtain your own counsel for proper defense, I'm pretty sure in the Bill of Rights, not 100%. But wow, wow. Unbelievable.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 54:10

Well, what actually happened here was when the beacon journal article came out, Tom gates, his staff were so outraged by the injustice that if I was willing to take services from them, they would represent me and that's exactly what happened. I asked Tom and his crew to represent me in all forthcoming proceedings. So that's, that's where we stand at this point.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 54:31

Do you think that your the attorney that you had in the first case did an adequate job?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 54:36

Oh, no, by no means? I think a perfect example of this is the fact that the fingerprint that we're talking about was never demonstrated to the jury with my own defense attorneys know about it, coupled with the fact that the flecks of red paint were found in the debris from the grave site. And when prosecutor Mayer was asked why were these not analyzed to see if they came from a red truck or cell thing like that is his Correctional Institution. His comment was that the that the red paint chips did not fit his theory of the case. Well, certainly Dr. Boyle only had white vehicles he didn't have any red vehicle. So I think that fashion for me was not have suited his objective.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 55:23

Let me ask you this did How long were you in Norway and married? almost 20 years? 20 years? Any children?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 55:30

Yes. So one one natural child. Collier. He's 16 right now.

Collier Landry 55:36

Oh, I was 16. Sam smart.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 55:37

How does he feel about all this? I mean, this now he's

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 55:40

very destroyed. He was manipulated by David mesopore of the Mansfield police department and a few other people, in fact that during my pretrial David mess, more used to take him from The Guardian ship home on weekends and take him to his house. So the child basically was brainwashed into thinking his daddy's a murderer, don't miss more.

Collier Landry 56:03

So let's just get a couple of things straight. I did have a relationship with a mass murderer and his wife, wonderful people. And they were probably the reason the biggest reason at that time in my life that I didn't want to end my life or that I at least made it through. There was not a lot of contact before the trial. Because I was the key witness. I wasn't brainwashed. I wasn't manipulated by anyone. Because nobody can manipulate me to the fact that I woke up to the sound of a scream than two thirds. Then my father the next morning, telling me Well mommy, take a little vacation call your we're not going to tell you the place. Like all of that happened. Long before I met Lieutenant David mass more long before my mother's body was found long before my father's trial occurred. Or I was on the witness stand. The only person that's manipulating Collier is my father through his letters through sending me this tape through giving these interviews he's trying to manipulate people to see his point of view. There's a man grabbing at straws. And he knows no shame. He is well beyond the pale

Pastor Ernie Sanders 57:33

guy that was in charge of the investigation. That's correct. And he was also the police officer that was having an affair with your wife Noreen. That's correct. While the two of you were married now was was was what rank is He? Is he a captain?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 57:48

Captain and he retired maybe about six or eight months ago. What medical disability

Pastor Ernie Sanders 57:53

now? Is he was Was he married?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 57:58

Is he married? Yes. I think he's been married three or four times. Okay.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 58:01

So he was having an affair with your wife. He was married twice. And he was taking your sister's house was

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 58:09

That was why was raided county jail. He was taking picking Collier up on Friday keeping him in his house for Sunday. And taking Collier out four out of the restaurants and out to the mall to play video games and buying him clothing etc. Did you protest that? Yes, we did. We found out we protested it. The judge ordered injunction to keep the prosecuting attorney the Mansfield police department away from Collier. And we think that that they did stay away. However, prior to trial. Collier was prepped extensive preparation, prior to his testimony by Attorney Mayer, and that was in violation of that standing court order.

Collier Landry 58:59

Now a couple of things that occur and a couple of facts that are missing here. So in this preparation of me being prepared. It is normal in the American justice system. For those of you that have been a witness in a criminal trial, you will know this that the prosecutor of your whoever you are representing whatever side that is whether it's defense counsel or whether it is prosecution, they sit down with you and you have a discussion about what is going to go on in court because they're in court every day. You most likely as a citizen or not. And it's a little fucking scary. Just so you know, especially to a 12 year old child. One of those conversations of this pretrial prep was call your you do not have to testify if you don't want to, to which I believe I responded Over my dead body but Yeah, that's just standard out I would get was a child witness. So maybe, but no. There was no discussions, there was, Hey, call your What did you hear? They do ask you the questions that they think that they're going to, but they don't tell you what to answer. You go over with a statement. But again, I was a very smart and articulate kid. And I remembered verbatim, and I will say this until the day I take my last breath. The easiest thing to remember and recite in life is the truth. So when it comes out of your mouth, it's so pure, it follows it flows. And again, the notion that I was coached or brainwashed as if I'm that stupid, is utterly fanciful.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:00:56

Okay, did now he didn't did he testify them in your trial? Yes, he did. And he testified for the prosecution.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:01:03

That's correct. Because we viewed by a child psychologist by the beacon journal, and they definitely said that his testimony was giving the appearance of being staged and brainwashed, quote, unquote.

Collier Landry 1:01:21

Now again, this is kind of insulting to me. So I'm now hearing this for the first time. The thing is, is that I testified at trial, it was either two and a half days or one and a half days. For those of you that have been apart or not been a part of a criminal trial, or illegal trial in general, whether it's a civil trial or whatever. Being on the witness stand for an entire day is an arduous and grueling process for an adult, let alone a 12 year old boy. So one would think that if I was coached, or I was, there was any sort of mendacity in my testimony. Meaning I was lying, I probably would have been broken. That's a long time to keep up A an act or a performance. In one of the scariest situations in my young life. That the most terrifying not one of the the most terrifying. Staring down a monster in court. So. Wow. Wow.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:02:51

That's interesting. That when was when when was the last time you've seen him?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:02:56

Well, prior to, or after sentencing, I saw him once briefly, at the prison here. And the last time I hadn't seen him until just this past November when he came down with his adoptive father, George Ziggler. So I had a tearful reunion the first or second week of November. And I call write letters back and forth.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:03:21

What was your number? It really was Ziggler. I mean, his adoptive father, the difficult humans

Collier Landry 1:03:27

say anything bad about George. No.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:03:30

George Stigler had a son of the same school that Collier was attending. And both George and Susan Ziggler is good Christian stepped forward to take over the education and the care and the love of Collier during my absence in Marines absence. Well, we want to praise the Lord for that. Yes, absolutely. Praise the Lord. They're very kind, caring, loving Christian couple.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:03:54

Well, now let's just say that

Collier Landry 1:03:56

I may not I may have lost my fucking shit. If he had said something bad about Georgia. This isn't. So I'm very glad that didn't happen.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:04:04

It proves that it is not Noreen. I guess our question is where is Noreen and what is she doing? I mean, at this time?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:04:15

Yeah, that's something that's going to have to be vigorously pursued. If it's not her. We're gonna have to find out exactly what's going on.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:04:22

Now, you said that you knew that she was involved with this black market of children? Yes. There's she obviously wasn't involved in this by herself. There has been some allegations. Many allegations about the Mansfield police department, all kinds of things from gambling operations, to prostitution operations, to selling protections and again, like I'm saying, these are allegations i don't i We don't have any documentation here to prove it or to disprove it. This is it But there's been so many allegations over the years. Usually where there's some smoke, there's some fire.

Collier Landry 1:05:07

I mean, this sounds like the plot to Martin Scorsese film possible

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:05:12


Collier Landry 1:05:14

whereas Whitey bolt or John Gotti maybe maybe miss Sammy, the more

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:05:17

others we're involved with her in this?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:05:20

Well, we have a strong suspicion through some documentation that Attorney Charles Lynch tried to assist her in the adoption of Chinese children in Ohio. There's some communication between her between Noreen and between Lynch when that effect and we filed a formal complaint with a disciplinary council about his conduct, but that was just whitewashed away, unfortunately. But as this case turns around, it develops that's going to be an area that we will pursue.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:05:52

Are you safe, where you're at right now? Okay, you're right now you're incarcerated. If in fact, this, you know, this body of a turns out to be someone who knew too much and gotten away, or in fact, if it turns out to be Norwegian, there's a reason that she's dead. Correct as a reason? Do you fear that, that maybe you might, that your life might be in danger.

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:06:22

I have received no death threats, or anything of that nature, or any threatening gestures from any one staff or inmates. But I think it's important to point out here that all police officials and prison officials are not corrupt. Yes, there is a core nucleus of people who fit the proverbial description of

Collier Landry 1:06:41

a dirty cop. Not everybody is. My father says,

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:06:45

all police officers and judicial officials

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:06:48

are not corrupted. Oh, we really want to praise the Lord for that. We want to praise God that we do have. And we were doing that earlier on the program. I was, you know, we do that on a continuous basis, you know, we, for

Collier Landry 1:07:00

the past,

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:07:04

gospel have not compromised we praise the Lord for the judges, the Lord, who are still honest, the prosecutors that are still honest. You know, and there are so many out there that are that are being bought and sold. I mean, the bottom line and and so much of our judicial system, today's is money, there's big money involved in estates, and one of the things that's one of the big rackets that is going on is when someone goes down, you know, whatever they're worth, whatever, whether it's 1000, or, you know, 5 million. That seems to be what the attorneys fees are. And these judges have a tendency to, to appoint friends of theirs to be the defense. Do you do you see things like that happening?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:07:57

Faster? What was your last part of the question?

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:07:59

I said, what happens? There's a tendency today, you see a lot of when people when men go to jail, they have estates. And it seems like right away, though, the amount of their worth is determined, and that that seems to be what the attorneys fees are. And it seems to be today that a lot of these judges appointed their friends. Sure. And when these guys go away, they end up with nothing. And these attorneys end up getting richer and richer. I mean, it's interesting that they would set bail for five, I believe. Were you worth a lot of money when you were arrested is

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:08:40

no, that's all part of it. I think that was part of the overall effort.

Collier Landry 1:08:44

Like, I gotta stop this for a second. So what I look, I, you know, Pastor sanders that does this program like he has, his agenda is not my father's. He runs braid. My father is just another guest on his program being interviewed, and he has a curious mind. And, you know, when I spoke to him, and this will be in the next episode, you know, they do a lot of conspiracy theory, discussion. I mean, he's been doing this, like, he still does this 32 years later, or whatever it is, 28 years later, since his interview. You know, he told me, it was very upfront about all of that, you know, and I found him to be a really nice and charming and, and very intelligent, and kind man, so I have nothing against him, hosting this, you know, having this interview with my father, because he's just just another guest to him. And exploring issues that he's passionate about, much like I do on this program as well. So this is what he's into. You know, as far as judges appointing, yeah, there were judges, there was a lot of cronyism, and I experienced that in the courts. When I dealt with certain things that went missing and my knees and all kinds of stuff when I turned 18. But that is a discussion for another day. But my father did get to choose his defense counsel, and it was his. His divorce attorney, Charles Robinson and then Robert Whitney, who is still practicing law. I mean, I said this a couple of months ago on the program, I think he's still practicing law. And so he was like, hey, so practicing law. He was like, probably the best criminal attorney in central Ohio easily represented many people. very competent lawyer. Yeah, just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. My father would say things about like my mother's selling babies and things of that nature. Like what respect for the dead Do you have like your wife is like, and at the end of the day, like you know that you killed your wife, oh my god,

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:10:58

the bleed to a grand dies or at least perpetuate the individual agendas of several people. I don't want to get the gender of the individual agendas but by placing a $5 million cash bond you you heighten the interest and you heighten the story level etc. And I think this is all part of what the the Mansfield police department and the Richland County prosecutor were attempting to do.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:11:27

Okay, so then they had no personal financial gain them this thing?

Jack Boyle, Collier's Father 1:11:31

Well, I don't really know. I believe that. Several the attorneys did very well. In fact, I believe in my case, there was at one time almost 12 or 13 attorneys involved in various aspects acting as guardians for the children, Guardians of the estate.

Pastor Ernie Sanders 1:11:46

Okay. You stay right there. Dr. Boyle. We're out of time, folks. We're gonna be back tomorrow with another exciting program. Tell them Good afternoon God bless and remember always always keep fighting the fight.


You've been listening to what's right, what's left. What's your host radio pastor.

Collier Landry 1:12:05

Wow, wow, wow, wow. Wow, a few of my people that listen to this tape on the Patreon said, Hey, did you listen to this? And uh, you know, it's a no, I haven't listened to it, because I'm gonna listen to it as I record this episode, which is what we're doing now. But they were like, You shouldn't listen to this. I'm so glad I did. There's a lot to take away from here. This is going to be very interesting because this is going to tie into the next episode again, like I said, where I am going to speak to pastor Ernie Sanders. And a gentleman named Jim Cluse, where we're earlier in the program, they were referring to this book by Martin yet called rotten to the core. Jim Cluse, was an investigator who was looking into corruption in central Ohio, with police departments and with with sort of nefarious activities. Of course, he alleges the Mansfield police department engaged in these activities. The interesting thing is, is that this sort of culture of whatever police, malfeasance, misconduct, whatever the He alleges, it was started long before my mother, the situation, and very little of what he they had, what he was looking into is my mother, my mother going missing, and all of these things that my father is alleging. They just sort of connected with him and I discussed this with them and sort of what my takeaway is because I found both of those individuals to be very competent, very, very steadfast in what they believed in their can in their personal convictions and beliefs. And as you guys will hear, in that episode, you'll you'll I hope come away with the same thing like they're not to be vilified or excoriated for their what they think is the truth and they are ultimately listening to the Word of a sociopath. Which is interesting, but, man, there's so much to take away from this episode. I know this is run a little longer than we normally do. But I gotta say, Man, that was a lot. That was really heavy. It's like two o'clock in the morning. As I'm recording this, I probably will get no sleep because my wheels will be turning. And yeah. I appreciate you guys hanging in sticking it with me on this longer than expected episode. But I thought it was pretty cool to do this at again, like I found this tape and I just, I was like, I gotta get a tape player. I gotta record this and share this with you guys because I felt this was really insightful. sociopathy and narcissism is a dangerous thing, my friend And but hey we get through it anyways um thank you all so much for listening to the program thank you and please support if you can and you know support by downloading telling your friends subscribing find me on tick tock I'm doing a bunch of tick tock stuffs sharing my story a little more intimate details than I do on the program or different intimate details I should say. So you know please follow me everywhere on social media at call your Landry that's Instagram I go is live on Instagram every Tuesday 11am Pacific 2pm Eastern Time. And yeah, and we'll be getting we're going to be doing Tik Tok lives as well where I'm going to be doing Tik Tok lives very soon and wow, thanks for sticking around guys. I'm calling your Landry and this is moving past murder. Thanks This podcast is made possible by support from listeners just like you. Please subscribe via Apple podcasts Spotify audible find us on youtube forward slash Collier Landry to film a murder and Mansfield is available on Investigation Discovery, Discovery plus an Amazon Prime

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