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Gobble Gobble Gaslight! - A Thanksgiving Letter from Prison! - MPM #65

Just in time for your holiday turkey & treat food coma!

In this short yet poignant holiday episode of Moving Past Murder, host Collier Landry discovers a Thanksgiving Card and Letter from Prison from his father.

What starts out as a seemingly friendly holiday exchange turns dark to more narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, and victim blaming. Sadly, that is what happens when you are dealing with a psychopath!

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MPM 65 - Gobble Gobble Gaslight

[00:00:00] I think you understand that my quest for justice is not mine alone, but so many others, including yourself, your mother, Sherry, Chrissy, Grammy, uncle cj, my father's brother, and so many others whom I can fill the page. The point is that where there was no justice rendered, and that must be and will be corrected.

This is a man who is a grown ass man who is writing this to his child, whose mother he murdered.. [00:00:30] And trying to convince them of a narrative that somehow he's on a quest for justice. It's just, it's really painful. I'm not gonna lie. Reading this is really painful sometimes because I just.

Testimony continued. Today in the most notorious criminal trial in Richland County history. Dr. John Boyle is accused of killing his wife Noreen and burying her body in the basement of his new home in Erie, Pennsylvania. The 12 year old son finally took the stand as [00:01:00] I heard a scream. I heard a thud was about this loud.

We the jury, find the defendant guilty. When I was 12 years old, my testimony sent my father to prison for murdering my mother. This podcast serves as a type of therapy and reconciliation for myself, and it is my hope that it helps anyone who has experienced deception, betrayal, and dark trauma. I'm Collier Landry and this is Moving Past Murder.

Hey [00:01:30] movers. Welcome back to another episode of Moving Past Murder. I'm your host Collier Landry, and what's going on?!

Happy Thanksgiving. gobble gobble!. I have my little Turkey friend here with me, but on this Thanksgiving day, I have a very special episode because not only do I have my little Turkey friend here, which those of you that subscribe to me on YouTube, you guys can see, but I also have a letter from the Ultimate Big Turkey.

Yes, that's right. I found a letter from my [00:02:00] father with a Thanksgiving. That I'm gonna share. I have not read the letter full disclosure, as you guys know when I find these letters, but I just, I opened up the box this morning and I was like, I've gotta find a letter. And then I noticed this like little thing sticking out and I thought, is this a cornucopia?

And the last it was. So anyways, happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Happy Native American Heritage Day to those of you indigenous peoples in the United States and the rest of you around the world. Happy day that we celebrate you as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start [00:02:30] of the holidays with their family. It's a very weird time of year. This starts like the holiday season. That kind of brings me back into all my trauma, because I remember the than my last Thanksgiving with my mom and then Christmas, and then obviously she was murdered on New Years.

And then it just all becomes this whole thing. Just remember how nasty my father was at that time, and it was. It's a shame but it's also Black Friday. Since it's Black Friday, I have recently become an Amazon affiliate and I have an affiliate link [00:03:00] for you guys to click. It's That means that when you guys go onto Amazon and purchase anything, when you use my link, it does help support the program.

It's a cost free way for you guys to participate in helping sustain the program it means I can do more of these shows. It means I can generate more content for you guys, more TikTok tos, more everything.

I do wanna give a shout out to Bree Mumford, who just signed up on my Patreon . Thank you very much. She has followed me on Instagram, on my Instagram lives, and she's now part of the [00:03:30] Patreon family. Can't wait to see you on our exclusive member. Only meet and greets every single month and we'll have a Christmas one.

This coming. Month, right? Christmas is in less than a month I guess, \ christmas Eve is in a month. Anyways, holidays frazzle me. It all starts with, it was around the time my parents were getting divorced. And then I remember that Thanksgiving with my mom and how my dad was just really nasty.

And then obviously Christmas was not good and then New Year's, ultimately she was murdered. And so it's a lot for me to deal with the holidays, but I appreciate you guys being, And on that note, [00:04:00] got my little Turkey here that you, for those of you that can see, and a letter from el pavo supremo, as they would say in Spanish, the Big Turkey himself.

That is probably a nice way to put it. A letter from prison from my father, which was sent to me back when he was incarcerated at Wary in Lebanon, Ohio. So this was early on in his incarceration career. Would you say incarceration, career, incarceration time? I don't know. So full disclosure all week I was like, what am I gonna do for the Thanksgiving episode?

And [00:04:30] it wasn't until this morning when I dipped into my box of letters that are underneath my desk that I saw this. Little tip of a card peeking out and it had a cornucopia on it. And I'm like, is that a corn utopia? And I opened it up and then there was a card, a Thanksgiving card, and a letter attached.

Now, just like I tell you guys, every time I read these letters, I have not read this letter. I have no idea what it's gonna say. I just saw the card and I was like, Thanksgiving, goble, gobble. Here we go. [00:05:00] Goble, gobble gaslight is what I'm gonna call this. I think we'll see what he has to say. So this is when my father was incarcerated at WARCI which was in Lebanon, Ohio Warren Correctional Institution.

And that was his either first or second place he was incarcerated. So here we go with, for those of you watching on YouTube, there's the card. Happy Thanksgiving card. Woo-hoo. Happy Thanksgiving. Callier with a big Turkey and a pumpkin. And it says, [00:05:30] Haier thought you would enjoy this little bit of silliness.

Ha, you are in my thoughts. Always remember, do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal. Love xxx. ooo Daddy. Wow. I think that I have moved towards a worthwhile goal. This is called Moving Past Murder and do it now. Yeah, that has actually been my motto for my entire life.

Not because my father wrote it in a card, [00:06:00] but because it's just been my thing. And that's what this program is about moving past really challenging, horrific circumstances and coming out somewhat unscathed on the other side. . And for those of you that didn't see it this week, I wrote an essay for Newsweek.

I will put the link to that in the show notes. I do wanna clarify one thing too. The title says no one. My dad murdered my mother. My dad killed my mom and no one believed me.

I don't write the headlines they do, I have no control over that. [00:06:30] But I do wanna give a special shout out to Dave Messmore, who was the investigator on the case, who was the one person that did believe me that my mother was murdered and convinced his captain to investigate my father. And so without Dave, I would be, I would not be here , quite possibly.

So I thank him for that. I am very grateful to him on this Thanksgiving day, that's for sure. Big Turkey sends a card. Boom. Happy Thanksgiving, Callier, and it says, Collier thought you would enjoy this little bit of [00:07:00] silliness. Ha, you are my, you are in my thoughts. Always remember, do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward your worthwhile goal.

Love Daddy. X O oh. Dad, I would say that I moved towards a very worthwhile goal, which was getting over all of the trauma that you put me through and my family through very selfishly and psychopathic. And the goal was to create a program like [00:07:30] this. The goal was to do a film, and I've done both, and I'm doing other projects and spreading the word and helping people to honor my mother and myself and my story.

So yeah, I would say that's a worthwhile goal on this Thanksgiving. Dad. I don't know what you guys think. I think so. I'm happy with it. All right. Let's see what the big Turkey has to say. Like I said, again, I never read these letters before I read them to you guys. Once upon a time I read them, but that's probably two decades ago at least.

All right. Look at this. [00:08:00] For those of you on the YouTubes, you can see. Tuesday evening, November 15th, 1994. Dear Bumper, made up another card for you. I think I am going quote card. Crazy ha. But I hope you enjoy the handy work. I also sent a card along to Chrissy. Okay, so this is November 15th, 1994.

Ironically, a lot of my letters that I've read on the program recently have been around this [00:08:30] time period. This was around the time that my father was seeking yet another appeal. He tried to get me to rescind my testimony saying that I was coached and then made me feel guilty about that.

And I ended up Authorizing the exhumation of my mother's body due to an article that was in a publication called the Akron Beacon Journal that brought up discrepancies in the autopsy and for my own sanity and for my own. Wanting to move past everything I authorized, as well [00:09:00] as I believe my Aunt Carol, my mother's sister, to have my mother's body exhumed and for them to take DNA evidence.

And I went with my adoptive father George at the time, and I gave blood and DNA samples to prove that it was my mother, which of course it was. But yeah, so he's sending me cards. He's acting very affectionate. And it's really weird because like my dad will write this ha all the time, like his whole life.

And every time I say that, I cringe. If I write that in a letter or a text message ha, I'm like, it brings me back to [00:09:30] that. I don't know if I'll ever get over that. It just makes me think about this guy. And I just, it makes me cringe that I do it. So if you get text messages from me and I write, ha know that I'm cringing when I.

Anyways, I digress on that point, back to the letter, just a few things to mention, Tom AdGate. Oh, here we go. Tom AdGate will be coming to visit me along with another attorney on Friday, December 2nd. I am looking forward to that meeting as we have had hours of conversations over [00:10:00] the phone, but this will be our for first face to face.

Tom is anxious to move along in the case as are his staff. So Tom AdGate was my father's appeals attorney or appellate attorney, whatever you call it. And he's keeping me abreast of his situation. So again, as I said, my father at this time is trying to get me to rescind my testimony. Say I was coached by the prosecution, by Dave Messmore yada, yada, all of which was of course not true.

I think you now realize how unfair my trial was and the subterfuge that was [00:10:30] conducted around the trial. In our system of justice, we cannot allow such actions to be perpetuated upon anyone, regardless of whom it is. I think you understand that my quest for justice is not mine alone, but so many others, including yourself, your mother, Sherry, Chrissy, Grammy, uncle cj, and so many others whom I can fill the.

The point is that there was no justice rendered, and that must be and will be corrected.[00:11:00]

Wow, this is it. Gobble Gobble Gaslight. It's a perfect title for the episode. I'm so stoked. I'll read on in case I did not mention it to you, quote. JB Siegel and Bill are divorced. Tell George that Bill Siegel's company is called ARA Services and is a major player in food delivery services, magazines and newspapers, et cetera.

I am certain that George is aware of the company, so he is referring to my adoptive father and this woman named JB Siegel, who I've [00:11:30] never met. I probably met her when I was a kid, but she was friends with my mother. I think I tried to reach out to her years. I guess they went to school together in Philadelphia at Cecillian Academy or something like that.

I don't know. Also, in the trial, you must recall that although my genes were mentioned, they were never introduced into evidence. The fuss over the genes was just a trial plo by mayor for the jury, just like the dental X-rays that were never taken or read at trial by the forensic dentist. [00:12:00] The dentist told Ted Joy.

Now, Ted Joy is the author of the article series in the Aron Beacon Journal. At this time, the dentist told Ted Joy, the x-rays were blurred and not usable. Anyhow, this was the quote stuff in Dr. Schmunk's file. Dr. Schmunk was my dentist. Dr. Schmunk is a good man and with a good family, and he adored my mother, as did Shelly Wilson Seckel, who worked.

Adjacently to Dr. Schmunk who helped pull these dental records for Dr. Martz, who also [00:12:30] loved my mother and Shelly adored my mother. And so yeah, the all again, gaslighting, falsifications, false narratives. It's just all great. This is all great fodder for your post Thanksgiving food coma. I think so. I'm enjoying this.

Not really. I enjoy it. It's funny to me. Now, but it's also really sick, is the emotions that I go through this. Back to the letter. Before I forget, I would like to call you on Christmas. I can't give you the time yet as I will be fighting for the phone all [00:13:00] that day with the other prisoners, but I would like to call you that day, okay?

Remember, you are a good person. I am very proud of you and your progress and achievements. I will continue to be very proud of you forever. I think you will do well in school with a bit more application to your studies. Your position is no different from others. The exception being now, you must foster good habits and achieve.

I know you can do it. It is in your gene. The genes that were admitted into evidence? No. [00:13:30] Oh, too soon. Okay I'll scramble for the moment, have more letters to write. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I do you. I love you bundles and bundles. Always love and kits. Xxx oh Daddy. Oh boy.

So this is the typical pattern of these letters, as you guys have seen in the past, as I have seen, where it starts with, complimenting, oh, I send you a card, I do all this, [00:14:00] I love you, blah, blah, blah. And then, oh yeah, and then your sister, Chrissy. And then so Chrissy is my half sister that was born 12 days before my father was arrested.

And then he goes into just a few things and then he goes into his whole diatribe about how his trial was unfair. Obviously the evidence, all these things, which all of this is just conjecture and it's utterly fanciful. Like my father murdered my mother. He knows it, and. He did it, and this is his way of obviously [00:14:30] gaslighting me right before the holidays to make me trudge all this stuff up.

I believe at this time he was giving some of those interviews as well on the audio tapes that we've heard on previous episodes. And I have more tapes, by the way, more tapes, which will be part of episodes. I have discovered more tapes with my father. Very exciting stuff and will be included in my Patreon content for sure.

But here's the thing, so again, this is my father. Propping me up a little bit with the card, buttering me up, and then goes into all of this. And again, [00:15:00] to mention how he's on this crusade, I believe is what he looked for. Understanding my, oh, I'm sorry. His quest for justice is not the, I think you understand that my quest for justice is not mine alone, but so many others, including yourself.

Your mother, Sherry, Chrissy, Grammy, Uncle CJ. My father's brother and so many others whom I can fill the page. The point is that where there was no justice rendered, and that must be and will be corrected. So a quick question [00:15:30] because he mentions my grandmother, his mother, my uncle who's my godfather, who I haven't spoken to in ages, who doesn't talk to me his brother, but he doesn't mention his sister, which is really weird and bizarre to me.

My aunt Mimi. I, you again, I was the one who was on the Quest for Justice. I was the one who was doing this for myself, my mother , my family, my community, because I wasn't going to let this son of a bitch get away with murdering my mother. I [00:16:00] think he's got it a little twisted. What do you guys think?

As I look at this as an adult, and these are always the things that, these are always the things that, that, that get me when I, every time I read these letters, is I have to realize that this is a man who is not gonna be much. Would at this time not be too much? Maybe five, six years older than I am now writing this.

No more than that. Sorry. He's like in his fifties. I'm I'm very far away from that. This is a man who. Is a grown ass man [00:16:30] who is writing this to his child, whose mother he murdered, and trying to convince them of a narrative that somehow he's on a quest for justice. And that's the staggering thing.

Every time I read these letters, just the sheer chutzpah, audacity, what have you, that it's just, it's really painful. I'm not gonna lie. Reading this is really painful sometimes because I just [00:17:00] can't believe that I'm actually related to this person Sometimes I just, and I'm so grateful. This is a day of all, of gratitude, right?

I am so grateful that at now I see all this for what it is, and. It's one thing when you're a child and look, my adoptive parents, full disclosure, would read these letters beforehand and they would say, your father's manipulating you. But I didn't really understand it. I was like, what? At this time I was like, [00:17:30] 15, 16, maybe 16.

I didn't understand this stuff. Like I had no idea what this shit is and like I didn't understand this shit. I had no idea what this was. I'm just so grateful that as an adult I'm able to look back at this, and this is why I share this material with you guys because I know that so many of you write and reach out, whether it be social media, you send me emails, you contact me directly, however, [00:18:00] and you just share how much this material really affects you and really allows you to see these own patterns in your own friends, loved ones, spouses, partners, whatever have you.

And I think that's really important to share. And on a day when we talk about giving back or giving thanks or having gratitude or breaking bread with one another and sharing things, I am so glad that this is my gift that I get to give to the world because I don't know what I would do if I [00:18:30] didn't have a platform like this if I didn't follow.

Quote, my father's advice. What did he say? Do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal. Bless God. Damned right. You know it is.

Get busy living or get busy dying, as was said in the Shawshank Redemption, which was also filmed in Mansfield, Ohio. Get busy. Is he living? Get busy dying. [00:19:00] It's all about moving on. That's what this podcast is about, moving past murder, moving through all these things, and for me to be able to share my story with the world ] he says, remember, you are a good person. I am very proud of you and your progress and achievements. I will continue to be very proud of you forever. I think you will do well in school with a bit of, I will continue to be proud of you forever. You should be proud of me, dad, because I didn't let you get away with something that was so horrific and heinous.

I held you [00:19:30] accountable in a court of. Convicted by a jury of your peers and whether my father always wanted to argue with, oh I oh, the jury, it was rigged. Oh, the jeans. This evidence that he's talking about, if I remember correctly, there were jeans that had concrete dust on them in the trial that were presented and my father is just taking issues to this.

It was just so weird because my father only wore khaki pants and then my father had gotten hooked up in this relationship and started wearing jeans and my mother and [00:20:00] I used to like joke about it cuz my dad was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He took me to go get a cowboy hat one time.

And my mom, my dad was very preppy from the east coast, from Philadelphia, went to Penn and had then started changing his whole vibe around. This new relationship and and now he is gonna be buy a truck and he's going to have a farm and [00:20:30] all this stuff that it just, it was so wacky and my mother and I would just laugh.

So it's funny about these jeans becoming an issue with the concrete dust that clearly fit him and that were clearly his jeans cuz he had started wearing those around this. Around the time of, mid-summer 1989, as my parents were separating, getting a divorce, and he would come home and it was just like a very chaotic scene.

He'd bring me around his girlfriend. It was all very traumatic. But again, setting a worthwhile goal, [00:21:00] doing it now using intention. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal. I'd like to think I did that. I'd like to, again, thank all of you that make this a worthwhile goal.

You guys are my listeners, my fan base, my people, my family. I'm very grateful for all of you for listening to this program. For supporting. [00:21:30] Yeah, this is my gift to the. A psychopath for a father, massive amounts of trauma that I still work every day towards healing and using that as a form of catharsis.

Using this program and this platform as a form of catharsis to help heal others, which pretty much at the end of the day, makes all of this worth it for sure.[00:22:00]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Happy Native American Heritage Day to those of you indigenous people and just spend it with your family. I just wanna give another shout out to one of my dear friends JC Noah and his new, beautiful bride, Emily. They got married on the 12th of November. Congratulations, you two, and I wish you all the best I hope you guys had a wonderful day. If you were doing Black Friday, check out, thank [00:22:30] you all so much and on a day of gratitude, I am grateful for y'all.

I'm Collier Landry and this is Moving Past Murder. Thanks y’all!

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