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"Get Me Out of this Nightmare!" - Collier's father's letter manipulating him to get out of prison

Collier Landry reads another one of his father's letters from prison! John F. Boyle, Jr. was incarcerated at WARCi Correctional Institution when he sent this letter to Collier on November 6, 1994.

Episode highlights...

•Seeking an appeal to overturn his murder conviction, Collier's father tries to manipulate Collier to help him "get out of this nightmare"

•Collier's father comments on Collier's homecoming picture and how handsome he is, trying to gain favor with Collier.

•His father launches into his diatribe claiming he is guilty of no crime and is wrongfully imprisoned

•Collier's father blames his conviction on his blind trust of his legal counsel Robert Whitney, the prosecutor James J. Mayer, Jr.'s hidden political agenda, and the judge in his murder trial, James Henson, being corrupt.

•Collier's father offers advice on Collier's future and career.

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My Father's Excuse For Murdering My Mother -Episode 28


[00:00:00] Collier Landry: So he's saying all these nice things to me, which makes me feel like, oh, he's a dad. He really loves me. No, he's already established earlier the letter. I know I was good to you about mommy because everyone knows who this everyone is. I don't know. But then he starts telling me that I'm a good person, because this is like this buildup, they build you up so they can drop you.

[00:00:18] Right. Or they build you [00:00:20] up so they could confuse you more because then. And I think probably around this time was, was when they were trying to get my mother's body exude. And, uh, I had to give DNA evidence because there was so much brought up and it wasn't my mother's body. So he's obviously trying to prop me up to do something for him.

[00:00:38] So let, so let's see [00:00:40] if in this letter, cause I, again, I haven't read this in. Let's see if he's, if he's trying to set you up for an ask, let's see where the ask is.

[00:00:49] That's the morning continued today and the most notorious criminal trial in Richland county history.

[00:00:54] Dr. John Boyle is accused of killing his wife, Marine and burying her body in the basement of his new home in Erie, [00:01:00] Pennsylvania.

[00:01:00] The 12 year old saw, finally took the stand and I heard a scream I heard was about this loud. We had the jury find the defendant guilty when I was 12. My testimony sent my father to prison for murdering my mother. This podcast serves as a type of therapy and reconciliation for myself, and [00:01:20] it is my hope that it helps anyone who has experienced deception, betrayal, and dark trial.

[00:01:25] I'm Collier Landry and this is moving past murder. Hey movers. What's going on. Welcome back to another episode of moving past murder. Just wanted to say, I am really enjoying getting to know you guys. When I do my [00:01:40] Instagram lives, which are every Tuesday, 11:00 AM Pacific 2:00 PM. Eastern time. We discuss the latest episode of moving past murder on my Instagram channel, which is at or Landry.

[00:01:51] It's really cool. Getting to know you guys and hearing your feedback from the episodes, sharing my life with you guys, learning a little bit about you as well, which is really fun. [00:02:00] And also if you're watching this on YouTube, please do me a favor, click, like, and subscribe I'm done with the pitch. Oh, and yes, coming up, we are.

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[00:02:27] So thank you very much. Wanted to give a shout out to. One of my people that has contacted me on social media. This is rayon Cubbins on Instagram and she is DMD to me. And she says this, to [00:02:40] be honest, your father just makes me utter the words, what the fuck? Like it's hard to fathom someone that is that self observed and out of the touch that with reality.

[00:02:51] But if I didn't know someone like that personally, I wouldn't believe it. I know that you guys really like hearing the letters from my father. He has. [00:03:00] From prison over the years. And today's episode is going to feature one of those letters. Now, as you guys may or may not know, I randomly pick these letters.

[00:03:09] So when I'm opening them and reading them, they are lit. I am literally looking at them for the first time, since, depending on when they're from, you know, sometimes almost 30 [00:03:20] years ago. So it was kind of like a little trip down memory lane with me, but this week's episode and this week's letter is really.

[00:03:28] Interesting. Let's put it that way. A lot of you reach out and you're dealing with sociopathy, psychopathy, or just not good feelings about the people that are close around you. And you're wondering if you're feeling [00:03:40] the same way. Well, I am here to tell you, look, I've done enough of this in my life, dealing with this man and dealing with my situation that, um, I really hope that what I share with you guys really helps.

[00:03:51] I think it does. So back by popular demand, Brenda, we have. Letters from my father, because everybody [00:04:00] loves them from your father diary of a sociopath part three, or, I mean, we'll stop doing parts because why do parts it's doesn't matter. So here I have a bundle of letters, this one. Okay. So I, you know what?

[00:04:17] I could go by the dates on the ears. [00:04:20] I don't even need to see the date. Cause I could see like how much like a us stamp was. Oh, wow. He says 25 cents. And I'm like, yeah, that was a while ago. But this one has this, this envelope has buddies on it. If everyone wants to see, yeah, this is buddy. So maybe this was an Easter and Easter sort of thing.

[00:04:39] And this was addressed [00:04:40] to call your El Boyle. So that means that, uh, yeah, this wasn't her, this was an early one. This was an early. Trip back in the day. There's lots of 29 cent stamp ones. What are stamps now? I know you, I don't even know stamps for 55 cents. Really? I don't know anybody buy stamps. So anyways.

[00:04:59] [00:05:00] Yeah. So we have these lovely buddy labels on here and then, oh, I'm going to need my glasses. This is really hard to, he is very faint. So this was when he was at Warsi war and correctional institution. Is in Lebanon higher, you know, it has been there [00:05:20] forever. So I, I wouldn't say Warren cause there's war correctional institution in Warren, Ohio, and then there's Warren crystal Warsi, which is in Lebanon, Ohio.

[00:05:31] And that's where he was, which is down by like outside Cincinnati, I think. So let's see what this is. Oh, nothing. [00:05:40] There's a letter in here it's just away just at time for BarkBath just to Todd for March badness. Everybody here is an NCAA final four bracket of my father's picks are highlighted in pink. So he sent you his face.

[00:05:59] Yeah. You sent [00:06:00] me his NAACP. I'd always be all UCB NCAA. For the final four. So this is 19. Wow. This is 1991 NCAA division. One's beds basketball championship. So let's go with this one out of the envelope. This is dated Sunday [00:06:20] morning, 6th of November, 1994. This is like a book though. See, this is the thing he would send these letters and you would type them.

[00:06:27] And they were like, it was like a, like a book. So this is Sunday morning, 6th of November, 1994. Dear son Collier. Well as [00:06:40] anticipated, I received your last letter last night and was very thrilled to hear from you and to receive your photos. You are a very handsome young man and photograph very well. I am proud of your composure.

[00:06:52] Your mother would be very proud of you. Your mother would be very proud of you. Exclamation point. Hmm. [00:07:00] So-and-so I won't mention this name. This is obviously somebody. I think I went to high to high school, like homecoming or something with so blank, blank, female individual seems like a very nice girl. And I am glad that you have a decent female friend in your life, so to speak.

[00:07:19] You [00:07:20] will have years, perhaps a lifetime of beating and making new acquaintances. And that includes female friends, but I am glad there is some way that you can socialize with. I approve of her from her photo. Although I do not know her personally or her family, I'm certain that Georgia Susan keep an accurate eye on that exclamation [00:07:40] point.

[00:07:41] I will, there's so much to unpack in just the first sentence, right? Just the first paragraph. There's so much.

[00:07:50] Brenda Fisher: Your mother would be so proud of you if he hadn't killed her.

[00:07:54] Collier Landry: Sure. There's that, but then there's the, the, the female. See, I really am trying to read this out [00:08:00] without glasses. So how tired I am, but this is so for those of you that don't know, or they're just tuning it. So my father was a womanizer, like legit womanizer, multiple affairs, multiple girlfriends.

[00:08:13] Obviously the last girlfriend he had, he impregnated, I have a half sister who was born 12 days before my father was arrested. [00:08:20] So just the fact that he's sitting here saying, I mean, aside from the fact that he says your mother would be very proud of you exclamation port point. Right. But you will have years.

[00:08:33] And then it puts in parentheses, perhaps a lifetime. Huh? Per [00:08:40] per perhaps a lifetime maps. So, so of meeting and making new acquaintances, I've had includes female friends, but I am glad there is someone that you could socialize with. Huh? So is it, so when he says perhaps a lifetime, so what if I got buried in that during that lifetime?[00:09:00]

[00:09:00] Would that be that I would continue to have acquaintances, like acquaintances, like female friend, like female friend acquaintance.

[00:09:09] Brenda Fisher: Yeah,

[00:09:13] Collier Landry: boy,

[00:09:13] Brenda Fisher: it doesn't sound like he really valued women.

[00:09:18] Collier Landry: Oh no. He was a total. [00:09:20] Yeah, come on. I will try to answer some of your questions in your letter as best I can from the F from the font of experience that I have within myself, you will get straight answers for me, which I think are better for you to deal with.

[00:09:36] Hmm, I will get, you will get straight [00:09:40] answers from me, which I feel are better to deal with. He

[00:09:43] Brenda Fisher: hasn't given you straight answers.

[00:09:46] Collier Landry: He has never given me straight answers. This is really, really funny, but not funny too. It's kind of dark. It's a dark twisted sense of humor. Hero movie pass murder today. Yes. I think your schoolwork sounds fine to [00:10:00] me.

[00:10:00] In spite of the sea and chemistry, you are now aware that you must work very hard all of the time as a loss grade can swing on the final. I have had experience where I lost it a by one point on an exam, I then learned that I must work harder to make certain I have a good cushion of points to [00:10:20] get the letter grades that I wanted or needed for professional school.

[00:10:25] This is a valuable lesson for you to remember, do not, do not be complacent, or it will bite you in the. Stay ahead of the envelope and you should do fine and not create anxieties for yourself. Remember anything, anything worth it [00:10:40] will cost you in terms of time, personal life, relationships, et cetera, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

[00:10:46] For yourself. Only your family will care, care about you. Others will just use you for their own purposes, which is very interesting. 'cause. I was just talking about certain individuals. Yes. You using me [00:11:00] like to shoot their documentary for free and not paying me. I hope they're listening. Stay strong and positive in whatever endeavor you choose, be polite about things.

[00:11:12] Although you will see successful obnoxious people in your lifetime. I do not feel that it is a personal level [00:11:20] of conduct that is acceptable to me. It was never acceptable to you. It should not be acceptable to you. Hmm. I mean, Hmm. My

[00:11:31] Brenda Fisher: fault comment though, about biting you in the ass, because it's kind of funny because you're the one who bit him in the ass.[00:11:40]

[00:11:40] Collier Landry: Yes. Or don't be complacent. Yes. Because it will bite you. Yeah. So is he referring to you? Like he got complacent because he just thought that he was, he was smarter than the police. Therefore he could do where the hell.

[00:11:50] Brenda Fisher: Well, hell he wasn't smarter than a 12 year old because,

[00:11:53] Collier Landry: and the 12 year old, that should be a isn't that a, like a, a show[00:12:00]

[00:12:00] yeah, something silly like that. So, yeah, this is, um, well, this is very interesting.

[00:12:07] Brenda Fisher: I don't think a C in chemistry is that bad. I think I had a C in chemistry in high school as well.

[00:12:14] Collier Landry: I'm almost wondering if like grades even matter, but anyways, let's continue because this is, I think, I feel like this is going to be a good one.

[00:12:19] It'll be a [00:12:20] two-parter I'm sure. But like I agree on Bobby's friends, they were never friends from the get-go. It seems to me that they all, that all they did was take and use your mother for their own purposes. It also seems that Bobby unfortunately was duke. I am glad Shelley Boden still has contact with you.

[00:12:39] I am not at [00:12:40] all surprised that the rest of mommy's acquaintances have vanished. Fair-weather friends, all, all my questions about the case. I understand your desire to forget things as they are painful, but I can assure you that they are just as painful. If not more, to be personally. They are questions that must be asked and answered.

[00:12:59] I know [00:13:00] the answers to some of them as the investigation has turned up betting interesting things. I just need to know if you are aware of them. This is the logic that I'm utilizing with you. I mean, okay. There's just so much here. On the other hand, I am glad that you have happy memories at least that at least I was not that bad of a father [00:13:20] to you.

[00:13:20] A. I know that I do. I was not a bad father. So do not worry about that. I did the right thing for you and mommy all the time, and everyone knows it all too. Well, Cherie still complains that I did everything for mommy and you and not enough for her. Wow. [00:13:40] So for those of you who don't know, so Sherry was the girlfriend, the mistress that signed my mother's name on the documents to get the house.

[00:13:47] I found my mother's body where they

[00:13:49] Brenda Fisher: buried her in the

[00:13:50] Collier Landry: basement. Uh, yeah, but also, um, what is this like, what are, [00:14:00] what are all these things that people are aware of? Like that's what a,

[00:14:04] Brenda Fisher: the other thing that I really loved was how it was affecting him in. He was hurting so much more than everybody. Yeah.

[00:14:13] Yeah.

[00:14:14] Collier Landry: Let's go back to that. That, that line is great. Um, all my questions about the, here we go. [00:14:20] Yeah. All my questions about the case. I understand your desire to forget things as they are painful, but I can assure you that they are just as painful. If not more, to be personally, there are questions that must be asked and answered.

[00:14:32] I know the answers to some of them as the investigation has turned up many, many interesting things. I just need to know if you are aware. [00:14:40] This is the logic that I'm using with you utilizing with you. On the other hand, I am glad that you have happy memories. At least I wasn't that bad of a father to you.

[00:14:49] Hey, I know I was not a bad father, so do not worry about that. I did the right thing for you at bombing all the time, and everyone knows it all too. Well. Cherie [00:15:00] still complains that I did everything for mommy and you, and not enough for her. She's still complaining. As, yeah. So this is Sunday, the 6th of November, 1994.

[00:15:11] So what I'm wondering is, is this like, are they still together or what, but who are these other people that [00:15:20] know how good. He knows that he, I did the right thing for you and mommy all the time, and everyone knows it all too well. So who is everyone that knows this all too? Well. So imagine let's just unpack this.

[00:15:34] So I guess what I'm curious is, is, so is he trying to, I mean, I guess this is gaslighting, right? Or this is [00:15:40] like a totally, where do they say, like coercive. Uh, CRO is coercive control where you, I think that like you spout your own narrative, right. You spent your own narrative and you ended up, so this is like, okay, so this is again something that like, because there's so many of you guys that reach out to me, right.

[00:15:56] And they're asking you that you guys love these letters because then we get to see these like [00:16:00] amazing little tidbits that nobody ever gets to see. Right. So I think that, I think that here, the big takeaway is. Ellie, who are these people that know it all too well. And like he setting this narrative, like you don't need to tell because I already know that I was a great, wonderful [00:16:20] person.

[00:16:20] I was always looking at, are you at you're at your mother? I was such a great father. Sherry was jealous of you guys because I did so much for you. What exactly was that abusing me? Bartering. My mother. Was that doing a lot for, for us? Was that like a good thing? I mean, this is just, but this [00:16:40] is like this gaslighted curse of control, all these things that are just so insidious and that you're telling this to.

[00:16:46] So I was 1994, so I was, was I 16? I was 16, I guess I was 16, right? Yep. Yep.

[00:16:55] Brenda Fisher: Yep. What exactly was Sherry jealous of? Did she want to be buried in the basement? [00:17:00]

[00:17:00] Collier Landry: Exactly it was Sherri still could play that. I did everything for Bobby, with you and nada for her. It is important for you to realize you are a good person.

[00:17:08] You are, you have no need to hang your head in any shameful banner whatsoever. Not because of me or this case or your mother or your [00:17:20] family. Understand. Don't let people talk you down. Don't let people talk you out of your dreams or your heritage. You are a strong and positive person with good genes. We are all proud of you.

[00:17:35] Who is we? Who are the, we are like the Royal. We like, this is the dude for the [00:17:40] Royal. We, I mean, so we are all proud of you, so right. And here he is like, and this is what they do. So it's like the Stockholm syndrome. I, this is what I think at least, you know, you have your capture and they just beat you down so much, but then they, you know, your star for 10 days, but then the other guy comes in and gets a good cop, bad cop thing.

[00:17:58] Right. They beat you [00:18:00] down. Then somebody comes in with a plate of food. Lets you take a shower. Let's you use the toilet. And they're like, oh, and then they ask you questions. Oh, you're really good. You're this? It's this, it's this manipulation that this just like this, this CSO, what is it? W was it the teeter-totter you play on and see saucy song up and down.

[00:18:18] That's what it is worth. We, your [00:18:20] emotions, you like teeter-totter with your emotions. So they're trying, they're telling you one thing and you're doing it. It's fucking crazy and it makes you crazy. That's the thing is, is because what he's doing is he's making, so he's saying all these nice things to me, which makes me feel like, oh, he's a dad.

[00:18:36] He really loves me. No, he's already established earlier the letter, like I was really [00:18:40] good to you. I know I was a good father. You don't have to say that. I knew I was a good father for X amount of reasons that everyone's. I know I was good to you about me because everyone knows who this everyone is. I don't know.

[00:18:50] But then he starts telling me that I'm a good person, because this is like this buildup, they build you up so they can drop you. Right. And they build you up so they could confuse you more. Because [00:19:00] then, and I think probably around this time was, was when they were trying to get my mother's body exude. Uh, I had to give DNA evidence because I was curious because there was so much brought up and it wasn't my mother's body and the eye color was different and her weight was different.

[00:19:18] And of course [00:19:20] be in my sort of thing. And I remember my, my adoptive father, George taking me to this place in Medina, Ohio to this like, uh, you know, facility where I had to give blood for DNA tests to see if I am matched. And I just remember all. This happening. I think this is around this same time. It's gotta be around the same time.

[00:19:38] Cause it was around like this would be, I would have been like a [00:19:40] junior in high school, so this would have been it. So I think that, um, so he's obviously trying to prop me up to do something for him. So let, so let's see if in this letter, cause I, again, I haven't read this and God knows how long let's see if he's, if he's trying to set me up for an ask, let's see where the ask is.

[00:19:58] Okay. [00:20:00] Oh yep. Here we go. I just caught a little bit of something else. Yes, I am in prison. I am not in prison for a crime. I committed or had anything to do with I am here because I allowed my attorneys to conduct a trial in the manner they did. I did not know about the law. It was a [00:20:20] great big act for Bayer, which was a, the prosecutor, James J.

[00:20:23] Mayer. And. Which is, which is my father's high power defense lawyer. He had a couple of them, but Whitney, Bob, Whitney, who is still practicing to this day is today is March 9th, 2022. And I believe he has. Practicing law at like age [00:20:40] 84 and obviously very coherent and can practice law. It takes on like big capital murder cases and shit like that.

[00:20:47] He was representing a serial killer, uh, a few years ago when I made a burger and Manson, he was buried in it. Yeah. I mean, he's like a legit attorney. So back to this, he says, and mayor, so the prosecutor, Whitney and Henson, [00:21:00] he is referring to judge James Henson, who was the judge of the trial. You must recall.

[00:21:05] There is no evidence against. As Tom ad gate tells me the playing field was not level for my trial. All had their own individual motives for riding my back to a victory. And it [00:21:20] all seems to have centered on political advancement and money. I don't know who the, who this Tom ad gate is. I think this might've been his leg.

[00:21:28] So I think this might've been his appeal appellate attorney, which if you're trying to get a guy in a very, let's just call it what it is. Who has more of an agenda here? [00:21:40] The prosecutor for the case, the defense attorney, the defendant by father, right? Who is a war. They competent, very successful defense attorney ad the judge that presided on the case or the guy who takes the appellate case to try to get the really famous murderer whose son testified [00:22:00] against him at trial.

[00:22:01] And one of the largest cases in Ohio history out of prison. Who's the headline chaser, who could be the ambulance chaser. Now, look, I'm not trying to, like, this is not a, a, a, uh, an admonishment of Tom at gate and what he's doing, he obviously probably had. His [00:22:20] reasons for taking it and whatever that is. And I'm not excoriating for, for him for this at all.

[00:22:24] What I am saying is that it's interesting because he's talking about people's agendas involved in this as if it's, you know, it's more blame shifting it's manipulation, it's gaslighting it's, it's, it's blaming the other people. It's everyone else's fault. But my father's nothing he did was [00:22:40] wrong. Right. Of course.

[00:22:41] And here we go. It's Senator owns political. So just to finish the last day, and it all seems to have centered on political advancement. Then the next paragraph, I am innocent of the crimes for which I am convicted. I killed no one. I planned nothing to cause the disappearance or death [00:23:00] of mommy. I don't even know if it is mommy.

[00:23:03] Okay. So this was around this time because there was all this hoopla about her not being. So this is, this makes sense. So

[00:23:08] Brenda Fisher: she magically ended up in the basement of the house that he bought for his mistress. That was a brand new house.

[00:23:19] Right? [00:23:20]

[00:23:20] Collier Landry: Yes. Well, no people had lived there before, but they got out of the house and they must have planted her, but I don't know. Oh, they planted, she and said, Hey, even though when they left, she was still alive and with me, but I, I mean, I don't know. Oh, here we go. Does it seem [00:23:40] peculiar to you that I was.

[00:23:42] And my medical experts were never able to examine the evidence against me. The body. Does it seem peculiar to you that in our system of government and laws, that the defendant was not able to confront the evidence again? This is the type of [00:24:00] justice fostered by the small minds and Mansfield. So, okay. So Brenda, obviously we just last week released this episode with Deb Kirkland, who was talking about his experience in the gym, uh, Jim Williams trial, which is, was the foundation for, uh, the book midnight in the garden of good evil and the film by Clint Eastwood.

[00:24:18] And he was talking about, cause he [00:24:20] wrote that book, lawyer games and talking about the games that lawyers play prosecutors, but most, most specifically defense attorneys and how defense attorneys. W it discovery are able to manipulate evidence and his specific example was placing photo. In and out of, out of numerical order or out of sequential order, they were shot and, and put them in a [00:24:40] specific numerical order, which is used to convince the jury, which has used to confuse the jury and convince them of innocence or convinced them that there was some sort of malfeasance or shenanigans going on on the crime scene where things were moved around.

[00:24:51] Right. The purpose of photographing it at this particular thing was a chair at a belt buckle that was directly involved with the trajectory of a bullet that was fired through the person that [00:25:00] was killed. Right. So my father is, is literally suggesting that he had no time to examine the evidence. Well, it's really hard to examine a body that has been buried.

[00:25:10] And I, it, he knows this because he's went to medical school, a bury the body that was decomposing for 25 days at a shallow grave. [00:25:20] Yeah. So how, how does that happen? Right, Doug? Yeah, of course, like, what are you going to do? Get fingerprints off of it? Like, we, we, we know this and this was again, like one of the things I was, I wanted to talk about in that episode with, with debt, [00:25:40] but it, I didn't, but it was like, there was a lot of circumstantial evidence with my father because there was no physical evidence.

[00:25:47] And that's why it ended up being, you know, now I know this as an adult, they didn't want to tell me this as a kid. Why am I testimony? Ended up being so necessary is because there was no blood, there were no [00:26:00] fibers, but there was circumstantial evidence. You read it. The Jack hammer, you asked about lowering the basement floor of the house.

[00:26:05] You asked about, uh, you, you bought the tarp that she was buried in call your, saw that tar. Months previous, it was kept on the porch of the home. So all these things that were like running the jackhammer. Three days early. [00:26:20] And, you know, I was just interviewed on the scary guy podcast, which will, this comes out.

[00:26:23] This episode will come out this Friday, March 11th. So what are your, you guys are watching, you're listening to this. You guys are just, so you don't want Monday the 14th. I will be on the scary guy podcast. They're a UK based cock podcast. Very cool. But they had just watched a murderer Mansfield and we got into this discussion [00:26:40] about evidence and things of that.

[00:26:42] But talking about how it was all circumstantial and how, uh, this is what ultimately ended up getting my father convince. On top of my testimony, which was like pinpointed. And this gives us, it gives us the time. But again, my father, because [00:27:00] they were, they were under the impression from the film that my father, that it was an act of a crime of passion.

[00:27:05] And he was saying how my mother came out of a knife. He pushed her at her head split and on the furniture. That's how she had the blunt force trauma that he put the plastic bag over her head, not to suffocate her. But because he didn't want to look at her face after she was already dead and he tried to perform CPR on it.[00:27:20]

[00:27:20] They didn't understand that this was all premeditated. And look, the, the, the fill was not about a murder, even though it's called a murder in Mansfield is about the consequences of violence. Right. But I understand what they were saying, why they were saying this because they were like, well, but he seemed so convincing and I'm like, well, yeah, he's a sociopath.

[00:27:37] That's what they do. They're really good. They [00:27:40] could give into that. The sky is pink. Like this shirts. That's how good they are. Anyone, everybody used car. Try that types of. That's how good these people are. They are so good at deceiving you and so good at manipulating you. So this is my father doing this to a then [00:28:00] 600 year old kid who, whose mother he murdered.

[00:28:03] So he starts with saying, first of all, like you're a great kid. You look so handsome. I looked so proud of you, that it goes into, you know, your, I took really good care of you. Obviously you feel this way. Cause everybody knows it. I took care of your mother, even my girlfriend. I impregnated [00:28:20] who signed the document for the house where I buried your mother, IE.

[00:28:25] She was jealous of you guys because I took such good care of you and I am committed. And then, and you don't, you agree? And you're a good person. Don't, don't let this bring you down cause I'm innocent. And then it goes into his whole thing on why he's [00:28:40] innocent and it's all a calculated manipulation for a page wine.

[00:28:46] It's just it's the setup. And why, because like you said, at the end of the, at the beginning of the episode, he's got a lot of time on his hands. And what do you have a lot of time on your hands? Or did they say, uh, idle time is the devil's workshop not to keep using all these little. Yeah, webs [00:29:00] from, you know, whatever, but like really it's, if there's a reason why people say these things, you can just sit there and spend the narrative.

[00:29:07] And this is what, so when I'm on this scary guy podcast, which you guys can listen to, it was like, your father is so good. You're so convinced. He's so convincing. And I'm like, well, yeah, that's, that's what they do. And you say the last thing you say to them, I believe that you believe that. And [00:29:20] it was a bull.

[00:29:20] Yes, Gary, you have to understand that he's had 30, almost 30 years to prepare this year. So, if you're sitting in your sleep, you could give us yourself everything. I could convince myself, you put me in a cage for long enough occupants, myself, the sky. And give it to you have it for sure. I mean, you're gonna, it's a coping [00:29:40] mechanism.

[00:29:40] Forget like the sociopathy that narcissism, that this, that forget all of that at the fundamental core of all this shit is a coping mechanism, coping mechanism for me and a coping mechanism for him, for him to sort of come to grips with what he's done and then sell that [00:30:00] new narrative that he wants to construct.

[00:30:02] Right. He sells it to himself so he could sell it to you because how could he give it to somebody if you don't believe the bullshit you're shilling. Right. Very true. I don't know. That's my opinion. Let's continue though. This is great. Okay. What you must do to prepare [00:30:20] yourself for those who you see you as a target, um, if someone goes you into a fight and you respond, then you are low, you may be liable for a lawsuit.

[00:30:32] They will want you to where they will want a piece of your money. If you have a car and someone gets injured, they can Sue you or George [00:30:40] above the level of insurance to get your money. Please do not be so stupid to think that there are nice people, advanced field who will not do something like that to you.

[00:30:48] Trust me. There are those at your school right now, who know, and they are waiting for their shot at you. Be cautious, not paranoid, but do not be stupid or naive. Now that's. [00:31:00] Good advice. It is sort of way, but the whole reason that all this has happened is because you fucking murdered my mother. Right. And it is hard not to be paranoid.

[00:31:12] And this is again, This is the, this part, this part of it had manipulation where it's like, he's like, trust [00:31:20] me, you will go through this because now he's pumped me up. And his dad tried to convince me of a narrative that is not, that doesn't exist, which he was really good to my mother and I, and was a really great father and Sherry was jealous of it.

[00:31:33] So of course he was a great father then how he. I didn't get a fair trial is completely [00:31:40] innocent. Then warning me that people are going to come after me. And then what does he do? He's setting himself up to be the savior for all of that. I'm your dad. I guarantee this is where this is going. I mean, it's already gone there anyways.

[00:31:53] Fantastic. Your dad here, looking out for you. I am not saying these things to make you crazy or [00:32:00] anxious. I want you to be alert and not fooled. I do not make the mistakes, your mother and I. Yes, I always do. I want it to be a doctor. It was my wish. Even as a child, when I took care of birds and animals, et cetera, I had to work hard to get, to get to be a physician.

[00:32:16] I worked a full-time job as a computer operator, [00:32:20] then a computer room supervisor at the hospital, the university of Pennsylvania, while I was a full-time undergraduate student, I worked from four to 12. PM to 12:30 AM, Monday through Friday and overtime as required. I did this while I was going to school.

[00:32:33] The daytime, I slept in the back of a car. During the day when possible, while waiting for classes, I did [00:32:40] not go to the movies or football games or hardly anything else because I could not achieve my goals to be a physician. If I did this other things, my parents could not pay for my education. I had to earn it the hard way, no free rides.

[00:32:52] I am not complaining to you. I want you to understand that if you want something bad enough, you will work very hard for it as I did. [00:33:00] Well, no shit. Well, the apple doesn't fall hard from the tree far from the tree on that one. That's for sure. It is, it is that same attitude about this conviction that causes me to continue the fight for my innocence, Tom ad gait and his crew.

[00:33:13] Believe in me, the Akron beacon journal believes in me, Ted joy believes in me, he's a reporter for the Akron beacon journal. There are countless [00:33:20] others who believe in my innocence, but regardless. I must fight for my freedom. I must fight now as I did to get my education and my goals as a physician. So it's very,

[00:33:31] Brenda Fisher: and how can these people believe in his innocence when the body of your mother was found in the [00:33:40] basement of the house he bought for his mistress and the world would believe that,

[00:33:47] Collier Landry: but we don't get into that because that's not important.

[00:33:50] Yeah, of course.

[00:33:51] Brenda Fisher: It's facts. Not important.

[00:33:54] Collier Landry: I mean, it's just, yeah. So then he goes on, you are your own man, no problems with that. That is what your mother and [00:34:00] I would want to see, but we also want to see some guidelines about your life and career plans. There they are the pitfalls that mommy and I encountered work hard.

[00:34:10] It be cautious trust, no one exclamation point. Excellent. I am not being cynical about trust. You just do not wander down the [00:34:20] road, like little red riding hood and have the Wolf jump out at you understand be cautious and alert. It looks like the Wolf is jumping out at me right now. The Wolf was jumping out right here.

[00:34:30] This letter, this is the Wolf because the Wolf wants me to reset my testimony. So he'd get out of prison. That's what the Wolf wants. Right. [00:34:40]

[00:34:40] Brenda Fisher: And he's. The whole time,

[00:34:44] Collier Landry: 35 years. Well, yeah, well now he's one of that for 30, but this is, you know, at this point he was about four years in, oh boy, you can be anything.

[00:34:53] You want to be anything. It is up to you. I can only guide you and pray for you. You must draw from the inner strength that is in your [00:35:00] blood. You can do. Concentrate be faithful to your heritage. You will not lose. I personally would have liked to have had you raised under uncle Charlie's rough, but that is passed now.

[00:35:11] So Ogle, Charlie is my uncle Charlie. My uncle Charles is my father's brother. He was best friends with my mother. And when all this happened, he abandoned me [00:35:20] just like the rest of my family. Just know that, huh? Still to this day, March 9th, 2022. Doesn't talk. When I called him during COVID to make sure he was okay.

[00:35:31] And then I asked him, I think I was like half in the bag. I called him again, like a couple of days later it was COVID and everybody's getting wasted. And I called him and I asked him, [00:35:40] you like, you know, why didn't you take me in what age? Why aren't you in my life? Why can't you be in my life now? Why don't you ever pick up the fucking phone and call me man?

[00:35:47] Like what, what is wrong with you? I'm your godson? You said you would protect me. You never did right. Nothing Sylvan heard from him two years later. Every time I communicate with that, man, it's always be doing something [00:36:00] it's exhausting. It's exhausting. The last time I heard from him, like he did, he actually initiated contact with me was in 2010.

[00:36:11] So this is 12 years ago when my father was up for parole and he wanted me to put together money. To send to my [00:36:20] father like five or $10,000 or $20,000 or $30,000 to send to my father to pay for my father's lawyer so he could get paroled. I had, I don't think I had $25, literally $25,000. So why didn't he do?

[00:36:37] I was a starving artist. He [00:36:40] claimed that he has plenty of money. I'm sure he works for the government that he couldn't do it because he's in the government. He is in the Navy. They would find out they would trace it. I'm like, no, like that's not true. You probably don't want to, but you feel compelled to ask me to do it.

[00:36:53] I mean, it's so insane. Like the insidious insane nature of all of this is just it just, [00:37:00]

[00:37:01] Brenda Fisher: Hmm. Thanks uncle.

[00:37:03] Collier Landry: It's never underestimate the predictability of someone with a fundamental lack of integrity. I said this to somebody the other day, some of the anxieties you are now experiencing might have a bit avoided or more easily answered, but the Ziglars are, are good people.

[00:37:19] And I have no [00:37:20] compunctions about their care or love or, or love for you. I am thankful they have been so generous to you. Perhaps you could take your first year of school at OSU Mansfield. Going away to college is not always the answer or answer in particular. If you do not have the [00:37:40] focus, you need to concentrate on schoolwork and goals.

[00:37:42] Sometimes that is, that is better achieved what you are living at home, like going to school at OSU Mansfield for a year, then transferring to another school after that, when you are more comfortable, could transfer to main campus after that, or after the local experience and not lose anything, please.

[00:37:58] Pardon this? [00:38:00] And he's typing on a typewriter, by the way, I can tell, first of all, dude, you don't know what it's like, first of all, dude, because of the destruction of the craziest and the crazy shit you did, you have no idea what it's like, as you say this letter, I have nothing to be ashamed of. You have no idea what it's like to live in the shadow of a fucking murderer.

[00:38:17] Let alone like the most famous one in your [00:38:20] state at the time and be the one who testified, you know, you've no idea what my fucking life is like, bro. Like I could not wait. Out of Mansfield when I was eight, I could not wait. I mean, I see it Ohio, as long as I could until I was 20. That's it? You know, sorry.

[00:38:37] I mean, [00:38:40] Again, so this is a fresh start at population gas letting it oh, of course. Yeah, but this is again, manipulation. Gaslighting, not understanding, no compassion, no empathy. Cause he's associate path of not understanding that. I'm sorry. Like this is a great time to insert the narrative of, Hey, I'm sorry that your life is so fucked because of what I did and [00:39:00] that you feel like you need to run away from the community that raised you or you feel that you need to.

[00:39:06] Leave the Nass because your judge or people look at you funny, or people don't treat you well, or they don't treat you well because of the shit that I did. No, there's no accountability. There's no responsibility. [00:39:20] There's none of that. It's absurd. It's absurd. These letters are just crazy, but I'm hoping that you guys are really gleaning some insight here because this is typical stuff.

[00:39:30] So he says it is more than is more my anxieties that are trying to guide you rather than any frustrations you might have, but that's what they say. That parents try to relive their lives [00:39:40] through their children. Guess what I want for guess? What I want for you is not is, is to not have the same sorrows and fears that I had when I was young.

[00:39:49] Which is only natural, the same sorrows and fears. Dale, you just made sure that my SAR and fears were like fucking 5 million times worse. Sorrow is not having my family, my mother have a safe [00:40:00] place to live. Like, what is it? Foster care is orphaned. You fucking. And if you guys are, I'm not angry. So I don't mean to be yelling.

[00:40:08] I'm not, and I'm annoyed and I'm just very passionate about this. Cause this is just like, this is just bullshit. It's just like what you read this stuff and you start to confront these people and you start to recognize these things for what they are like, you're going to like, this is what you see. [00:40:20] And then you get really aggravated by it and you're just like, and then you start to, you know, when you're me right now and you're starting, I mean, I'm sure Brenda, you feel the same way, right?

[00:40:27] You are now starting. I'm now starting to go, you know, Like realize that you're saying this to like a 16 year old kid who forget like the F [00:40:40] you know, the anxiety and stuff. Like I'm also going through puberty and girls and driving. I wasn't allowed to have a car at that time. And I was working and going to school and figure out what my life was.

[00:40:52] Right. Like there's a lot, there's a lot going on in my life. Yeah, it's a [00:41:00] lot. It's not just my role a lot. There's a lot that goes on in any teenager's world, girl, boy, whatever. There's a lot going on. You're going through these bodies, these, you know, ages and hormones and everything, and shit gets wacky and your that's already enough to cause enough anxiety, let alone all this other bullshit.

[00:41:17] You know, it's just, it's so [00:41:20] insane. And it's just a very simple way of just like, oh, you know, I don't want you to. On my clothing, they are yours. Tell George and Susan, they, then you call Sherry and tell her I have already written her about this. Chrissy will keep some things, but will not be keeping my clothing.

[00:41:38] If you want the clothes, [00:41:40] then ask, no one will bite your head off asks. I don't think Chrissy can wear my sweaters and ski stuff, et cetera. You can plus you can have all the great ties and that I had for so long. I want you to have the clothes. Did you ever do that? I do have his clothes. I do have some of his ties still, I think.

[00:41:58] Or maybe I got rid of him. I don't [00:42:00] know. I D I don't know. I don't wear ties. I don't think I've worked. I honestly don't think I have worn a tie and almost 20 years.

[00:42:08] Brenda Fisher: Yeah. I haven't never seen you in one. Thank

[00:42:11] Collier Landry: God. Yep. It's a cost. But that's a matter of like Jedi, when it wears ties and suits and ties to [00:42:20] the office.

[00:42:21] I can bet you I'm a GS a t-shirt cool. Look at Nike's guy. Call Sherry or Charlotte. Charlotte was her mother and asks to talk to your sister with your sister. Chrissy asked them to allow a visit for you both to get a McDonald's or pizza or something together. If you do not ask them, then [00:42:40] it is interpreted that you do not care and that you do not want contact with Chrissy.

[00:42:44] Do not allow that to happen to you. I want my children to love each other and to be with each other, not as strange from each other. But the bottom line is that you must ask and bake and must be persistent when you do not do this, people might interpret it [00:43:00] as a lack of caring on your part. And I know that that is not the question that is not you.

[00:43:05] I know you are caring and feeling individual. I know that only that only so. So what's interesting is I did get to see Chrissy a few times when I was younger. And, um, and we, uh, and Georgia Susan were by my [00:43:20] doctor. Parents were very, very good about this. And, uh, it really tried to forge a relationship specifically, even though I didn't like it.

[00:43:25] I didn't want to see Sherry. They were like, we want you to have a relationship with your sister, if we can try to make this happen, which they did. I mean, they were great about it. Um, so nobody needed to force them to do that. You know? Um, wha what is interesting is, um, [00:43:40] The part where he says, you know, I don't want you guys to be a strange, well, probably the best way for them to not to be as strange is, I don't know.

[00:43:46] You could have just divorced my mother and married Sherry and had her. And then we wouldn't be as strange. He didn't have to kill my mother and put us all through this fucking circus. Like again, your did not. He's so disconnected from reality that he doesn't [00:44:00] understand, or he does understand he he's ignoring.

[00:44:01] The fact is probably the true, the truth, all this, probably the fact that you put us through so much fucking bullshit, man. That we, that we didn't like how we're lucky we talk, like we're lucky, w we're we're functioning and able to do this. We're like run out, call court up in the corner, holding [00:44:20] a call, like it's.

[00:44:21] So

[00:44:23] Brenda Fisher: he just acts like, oh, it's just another day. And it's just

[00:44:29] Collier Landry: the sky is pig. The ocean is, is yellow. And you know, and the snow is green.

[00:44:35] Brenda Fisher: It's he, he acts like he's just out of town.

[00:44:38] Collier Landry: He's just out of town. He's [00:44:40] just taking a moment like he did go to, so he's at camp. I will be very anxious to see you again.

[00:44:49] It has been too long. I do not want to be separated from my children. I miss you very much. I miss Chrissy very much. Although I write to both of you and send you both pictures of myself, I want to see my children someday. [00:45:00] You will understand this. My fight for freedom is it is as much about my children as it is for my.

[00:45:06] I can not allow either of you to be stigmatized by the unjust and illegal conviction. I will not allow that to occur. So he does understand. So he, that he does say that we're stigmatized because he started the letter saying [00:45:20] that there was no stigma, that there was nothing to be ashamed of and this, that, and the other, but that he say, I don't want you to be synchrotized which recognized that we are stigmatized.

[00:45:29] So you're just completely contradicting yourself from two pages ago, brother,

[00:45:33] Brenda Fisher: but you're stigmatized by the unjust, any legal Nash [00:45:40] of what happened to him? Yeah. Like it's, it's all happening to him.

[00:45:46] Collier Landry: Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing you hugging you, kissing you and see what a fine young man you have grown into.

[00:45:53] In spite of all the troubles, this quote unquote nightmare has brought us all. I will arrange for pictures [00:46:00] short notice, but I might be able to pull it off. Remember be courteous and diplomatic and cooperative, but not walked over with people more will be accomplished with honey rather than. You're a good porous person.

[00:46:13] You are normal. I am very proud of. You never forget that. Also never forget that. I love you very much [00:46:20] bundles and bundles, and I always shall see you this Friday. Can't wait. You're always in my prayers and thoughts. Keep me in yours. Love X, X, X. Oh, oh daddy.

[00:46:30] Brenda Fisher: How often did you go?

[00:46:33] Collier Landry: Not that often when I was like a kid, really, I didn't really start visiting him until I went to Ohio [00:46:40] university school of music.

[00:46:42] Um, and he was at Lucasville president, which those of you that are from Ohio, remember Lucasville those of you that don't probably remember. Lucasville because that was the prison that the inmates took over and. President bill Clinton had to send it like the national guard and all this. And was it well, yeah, because [00:47:00] Bush was out of office, pussy was out of office, so yeah, it was a whole thing.

[00:47:03] The prisoners took over. It was really a unique experience and terrifying for the prison guards, because I don't know if, a lot of, obviously those of you that watch. You guys, aren't going to know anything about prison. I at least I hope not, but like in prison there'll be 2000 or let's say 3000 inmates in a [00:47:20] prison, which is there's more than that.

[00:47:21] But let's just say there's, let's just say there's 3000. There's usually like one prison guard per like 50 or 60 or 45 or something. So when you figure and w and the thing that keeps much, like probably. Clear and not to be conspiracy. [00:47:40] There is, but like the thing that keeps prisons from necessarily being like overrun or, or people, because you say, okay, so it's, it's basically 45 to one is what you're telling me, you know?

[00:47:50] And the thing is, is. And prisons, the, the way that they control is they love their control itself, right? So you have people that are, that are black. You have people [00:48:00] that are white, you have people that are Mexican. You have people that are Asian. You have people that are black, but they're Muslim. You have people that are white, but they're areas right.

[00:48:10] Nazis. And then you have them, they all form. Factions inside of the prison. Right. But what, so what happened with specifically with [00:48:20] Lucasville is the Muslims and the blacks partnered together and the whites and the Ariens partnered together and they came together and they said, look around bro. Like there's, there's, there's 45 of us to one of them.

[00:48:35] We can take this motherfucker over. And they did for like 11 days or 12 days. And [00:48:40] when I went to visit him when he was in Lucasville, that was one of the scariest prisons I've ever been in, because I remember like going in and there was this long, like long, scary corridor when you had to go through to get in, it was like really creepy.

[00:48:54] It was like you were going into a bunker. It was a very. And knowing would it just [00:49:00] would have just happened there at the time? Um, cause it happened, I think in 1983, B was 94, but, um, it was pretty scary. Um, but yeah, uh, that's, that's when I would see him more regularly, I think it was like maybe twice a month because it was not far from where I was going to school.

[00:49:18] Gotcha. Um, [00:49:20] and that's when I was sort of laying the whole thing's event. He and I had a, he, we, he had a massive following. He sent me this letter, which I'm sure I'll find one of these days where he said something that I said something about my mother to my uncle, Charles. And don't talk about your mother that way.

[00:49:34] That's disrespectful. And I was like, oh dude, you're crazy. And I was like, I can't talk to you. And I don't think I spoke to him for years and years. I moved out to [00:49:40] California. I was like, no, I'm done. And you would never send

[00:49:42] Brenda Fisher: anything.

[00:49:43] Collier Landry: Of course, of course on it. It was as big as my uncle. I wasn't as big of a, but was so ridiculous, but it was a lot to digest.

[00:49:51] Yeah, I'm sure I've obviously. That was a lot. I mean, I'm sure you could glean things too. Like for those of you that just listened [00:50:00] to this, I'm sure. You're like, well, but he said these nice things about uni clothes with this nice thing. Yes that's and I'll take those things. Sure. But there's all, it's all part of the manipulation and control.

[00:50:12] And he was saying this to a 16 year old kid whose mother you murdered four and a half years, almost five years before that, literally five years before that. [00:50:20] Cause this is November of 1994, December 31st, 19. You're like five years before that he murdered five years ago from writing this letter, you were premeditated the burger of his, of this guy's mother, your wife, while your girlfriend was.

[00:50:36] It's insane when you start to think about it in a context of what it really [00:50:40] is. Right, right. But that's why I read these letters for you guys, because I want you guys to see, and I know that you guys asked for this cause you're in these relationships and you're discovering that, oh my God, this shit is crazy.

[00:50:51] Cause it is crazy. And that's why I do this. So you guys can literally listen and say, oh my God, like [00:51:00] what is going on? Or. How do I deal with this? And hopefully my insight, you know, you guys can learn from this because I've already gone through all this shit. Like you guys, you guys don't need to go through this shit because I've already been so, so take, take my life and use it, you know?

[00:51:16] Um, I'm happy for it. I can take it. [00:51:20] This people do this. This is how you manipulate. You control someone. We're seeing it with a whole population, right? And over a Europe, how people are being manipulated. They don't even think a war is happening. It's insane. Um, this is it on a very microcosmic scale, [00:51:40] but it doesn't make it any different.

[00:51:41] It's all the same principles of control and manipulate. And it's good to learn from these things. So we'll rent it. Do you feel, do you feel, you have learned more about diary of a sociopath part 487,938?

[00:51:58] Brenda Fisher: Yeah, they've just, [00:52:00] and I know you've got a gazillion letters from him and, and it seems like they all kind of have a theme every time that you breed one.

[00:52:10] So it's interesting his take on the world.

[00:52:16] Collier Landry: And very convenient too, especially just, yeah, but [00:52:20] he's just completely glazes over or gloss over the fact that you created this, this nightmare. Like when he leaves the, the letter saying that this nightmare for all of us, no, the nightmare dude, the nightmare was created by you.

[00:52:35] You created the nightmare, all of this nightmare, [00:52:40] uh, all of this nightmare. You know this whole, I mean, again, this is the line I am looking forward to, to see you hugging you really in spite of all the troubles, this and, and see what a fine young man you've grown into in spite of all the troubles, this nightmare has brought us all.

[00:52:58] Well, I'm confident to [00:53:00] say that I did grow into a fine young man, despite the nightmare that you fucking created.

[00:53:08] Mic drop on that one. I recorded this episode last night and I had a really hard time sleeping because I think that [00:53:20] as much as I, as much as I enjoy sharing this stuff with you guys, it is my life. And it is, it's really sad to me in a lot of ways. That people behave like this. Especially my father having written this to a, then what was a 15 year old [00:53:40] child, 16 year old child who his son, whose mother he murdered and the things that he's relating in the letters.

[00:53:45] And he's say talking about relationships with women, which he was a chronic womanizer. A horrible person. Uh, and he's giving me lessons about having these lifetime relationships and things. It's all just really weird. And that part of me was trying to [00:54:00] reconcile what the fact that, what is he trying to have this little bit?

[00:54:03] Because honestly, like at the end of the day, he is my father and I don't want to believe that he's a horrible person despite evidence to the contrary, but I do really want to. You know, and look, I'm saying this, I'm saying this for you guys, because I'm sure you guys have [00:54:20] situations like this in your lives, where you're dealing with people and you are trying to make sense of it.

[00:54:25] And it's okay to be confused by it. That's really all I'm saying because I was, and I feel when I read these letters, you know, I want to have that moment where, oh, is my father giving me advice and should I take this as fatherly advice and, and reading it, you know, 25 [00:54:40] plus years later, 27 years later. I do feel like that.

[00:54:44] Oh, he was reaching out to me because their manipulation is so insidious, but that's the whole thing. And it's, it's so key to recognize this, but it doesn't. Any less painful or any less heartbreaking that people do this when I'm reading the letter, I can't help, but think [00:55:00] is he really writing it to me? Or is he writing it to someone else?

[00:55:04] Because it feels like he's trying to take this position of like, if someone reads this, I mean, obviously we didn't know podcasting was going to happen 30 years ago, but, um, it feels like he was writing it for a greater audience. And I'm thinking, was he thinking I was going to share that with the parole board or with attorneys [00:55:20] to help him get out of prison.

[00:55:21] It's really. Kind of an insidious sort of thing that lies underneath the lies far beyond the text. Anyways, that is what I think, but I want to hear what you guys think, how this material affects you. Please like subscribe post in the comments, send me DMS. All of this stuff [00:55:40] really helps me create the content that I feel benefits you guys.

[00:55:43] It helps me a lot to talk about these things, but I really want to provide you guys with what you want to hear and see out of this podcast. I'm Collier Landry and this is moving past.[00:56:00]

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