Message to Amir Locke's Mom: “You’re your son’s voice now”

“When you realize that your child is no longer coming home or going to give you a call, that part hits so horribly,” Melissa McKinnies said. She believes her son Danye Dion Jones was murdered after she found him hanging from a tree by a sheet in her backyard in 2018. An investigation into what really happened took place, not by police, but instead through a podcast called After The Uprising which premiered its first season on iHeart Radio last summer 2021.

In this episode, she, Collier, and co-host of After The Uprising Ray Nowosielski discusses the outcome of the investigation, no-knock warrants, the devastating death of Amir Locke on February 2 in Minneapolis, and what moving past murder is really like.


Collier and Ray also discuss how the show’s recent nomination for an NAACP award may help to elevate national awareness of the crime and open new doors to the investigation. Collier fights back tears while talking to Melissa about her grief over her son’s death, and the lack of investigators’ accountability to find who really killed her son.






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