Explore the captivating life of Collier Landry, whose story is like a gripping novel, full of ups and downs. He’s not just any artist—he’s an award-winning cinematographer known for his ability to capture life’s complexities through his camera lens.

But Collier isn’t just about cinematography. He’s also a compelling podcast host, connecting with listeners through personal stories that hit home.

What really makes Collier stand out is his involvement in the documentary world, especially in “A Murder in Mansfield.” Directed by the acclaimed Barbara Kopple, this film dives deep into human emotions and resilience.

In “A Murder in Mansfield,” Collier shares his own life story, including the tragic murder of his mother by his father. Instead of letting it break him, Collier uses his pain to create something powerful—a film that offers hope and understanding to others facing similar struggles.

Through this documentary, Collier sparks conversations about loss, love, and forgiveness. He’s not just a contributor to the film; he’s a guiding light for those dealing with their own grief and healing journeys. His story is a testament to his strength, talent, and commitment to shedding light on the darkest parts of life.

You can buy Collier’s documentary below:

A Murder In Mansfield

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